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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Body of Zachary Marr is in the River, Per Secret New Video

Cops looking for the body of Zachary Marr in a Boston river today have declined to release secret "new video" showing "he fell into the water."

A spokeswoman for the Boston Police Department told the Boston Globe this week that "new" footage emerged "recently" which led divers to focus their search efforts near the Charles River Dam.

However, she wouldn't elaborate on the film's content or where it came from, and also said the BPD has "no plans" to let the public view it.

http://www.killingkillers.blogspot.com“The video shows a male heading toward the water and disappearing,” Police Commissioner Bill Evans also stated. "It’s a sad case.”

Boston tourist Zach Marr disappeared early in the morning of February 13th, after being prevented from reentering a popular tavern where he'd been celebrating his birthday with relatives -- allegedly because it was about to close.

Marr, 22, was a stranger in the big city and wasn't wearing an overcoat during his ill-timed and ill-fated cigarette break, despite subfreezing temperatures.

It therefore sounds rather unlikely he would've strayed too far from family members still inside the pub at closing time; let alone almost a mile.

Pressed about the secret footage which would seem to prove otherwise, a second BPD spokesman said only that investigators "were shown new video that has pointed us into this direction and we are searching the Charles River."

He too declined to provided additional details, but, if Zachary Marr is indeed found drowned there, he would be one of many young men who mysteriously went missing in such a notorious municipality during cold weather, and met an icy, watery end.



  1. Going to be found before the month is up at that Dam

  2. @Anonymous 2/25: Yes, police do seem rather determined to find him there, though it wouldn't make any sense for Marr to have wandered away from his companions, considering he need only have waited a few more minutes till the bar was closed to hook up with them again.

    Very much reminds me of the Nick Wilcox case ... and scores of others in recent years.

    Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.


  3. wow what a shitty article... your first quotation is a mis-quote... dude fucking take your head out of the sand we know something is up they saidd we saw him enter the water which leaves room for speculation on how he entered... maybe, as you stated he "fell" unintentionally, or was thrown or intentionally fell.

    1. Ah-hah, methinks we have found our culprit bar bouncer at last. And yer name, rank and badge number is...?

  4. "Body Found in Charles River" this week is "not believed" to be that of Zachary Marr, for some yet-undisclosed reason...

    We are still closely following Marr's unsolved missing-persons case and will report any relevant updates here in the comments section, or via another feature article, if necessary.


  5. Sadly, they've confirmed it: http://bit.ly/1U5wW8r