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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Search Updates for Adrian Lynch, Jim Dyer and Matt Labounty

Adrian Lynch of Jersey UK, Jim Dyer of Saco Maine and Matt Labounty of Troy NY are still gone without a trace, weeks after they were each reported missing -- search updates below:

STILL MISSING FROM JERSEY ISLAND: Divers, detectives and dogs have been intermittently searching for a 20-year-old Jerseyman who went missing after departing from a work-sponsored Christmas party the first week of December 2015.

Over two long months, though, the massive attempt to rescue Adrian Lynch from whatever mysterious fate befell him that day has gradually morphed into a mission to recover the young man's body.

UK authorities have consistently theorized throughout this unsuccessful endeavor that a "disoriented" Lynch suffered a deadly "misadventure" and "not foul play," although his mum steadfastly believes "Addy is still alive" somewhere.

Her son was last seen by coworkers on December 5th getting into a taxi, then filmed a short time later by surveillance cameras proceeding on foot into the Carrefour Selous area of St. Lawrence, where the driver reportedly had dropped him off.

Residents, as well as other individuals observed in this district walking or hitchhiking at the same hour as Adrian Lynch, were all repeatedly questioned by investigators, but these interviews have yielded nothing of substance.

Thus by mid February -- lacking "any new information" -- police announced they'd be "winding down" their investigation into his disappearance, which to date has only produced the youth's abandoned belt and wallet.

But a local law enforcement official also vowed that his agency “will never close" the Adrian Lynch case. "As long as he remains missing," the spokesman told reporters, "it will be monitored on an ongoing basis.”

STILL MISSING FROM PORTLAND MAINE: Police divers have extensively probed the frigid harbor waters in Old Port at least twice, after a 23-year-old Saco man got separated from his group during New Year's Eve festivities at the Pearl nightclub.

No one apparently saw Jim Dyer vanish into thin air early that January morning as he was standing outside the establishment readying to leave with friends; and no one has seen or heard from him since.

In the meantime, the missing young man's family has gone-for-broke in hopes of rescuing him, losing weeks of work and paychecks in their nonstop, but so far fruitless, effort to find him.

On January 22nd, they got a big financial boost from the management of Duffy’s Tavern & Grille, which hosted a fundraiser for the Dyer family that brought in hundreds of community sympathizers and over $11,000.

Dyer's case resembles that of 30yo Harvard business grad, Nathan Bihlmaier, who, in 2012, also lost contact with friends, after bouncers at Portland Maine's Ri Ra Irish Pub physically escorted him outdoors and then his cell phone died.

It would take searchers awhile to realize that Bihlmaier too was dead -- they eventually found him drowned in Portland harbor -- because Ri Ra's security had lied to police about putting Bihlmaier "in a cab."

Weeks after James Dyer disappeared, however, he is still missing.

STILL MISSING FROM UPSTATE NEW YORK: The trail leading to yet another youth who disappeared during the holidays while walking in a capitol-district city that flanks the Hudson River has grown cold.

As happened to Josh Szostak in neighboring Albany NY in 2007, Matt Labounty likewise lost contact with his friends and relatives in the midst of celebrating Christmas.

Labounty was last sighted on December 25, 2015, leaving a downtown Troy NY address on foot for his own nearby residence.

Days after the 21-year-old vanished without a trace, divers were spotted searching in the river under the Menands Bridge, but found "nothing to suggest" their latest missing man was in the water.

Now, nearly two months after Matthew Labounty somehow fell off the face of the earth on December 25th, his missing persons case remains unsolved and inactive.

Then again, it did take four full months for Joshua Szostak's drowned corpse to finally surface in the Hudson ... in the next county.


  1. Jim C Smith says:
    Please watch out for 21 yr old Michael Ortega is also missing just blocks from Pier 1 where Matthew Genovese was found in Hoboken.

    21 yr old John Hernandez is still missing in New Jersey over a month..A piece of his clothing was discovered near the river this week.

  2. Yes, Jim, I apologize for the Ortega oversight and will post an update on the search for this still-missing young man ASAP.

    As to Mr. Hernandez, evidence has emerged recently (in the form of a suicidal ^sounding* note) suggesting that this bright, "antisocial" youth's disappearance may in fact be a cleverly planned and orchestrated suicide, although, if so, the body has yet to be found.

    But Smiley has outfoxed searchers before, so let's keep our eyes and ears open on both accounts.

    Thank you for dropping by today and for taking the time to provide case updates,

  3. There's a new missing person case here in Boston:

  4. @Unknown: Thanks for the heads-up -- watching Zachary Marr's case, but not a lot of facts out there yet. (His disappearance is in a very active zone, though.)