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Monday, February 29, 2016

Divers search river for David Breunig, 21 and missing in Maine

Divers and dogs will resume the search today for David Breunig (below) who went missing in Orono Maine late Friday night.


The 21-year-old attends the Maine Maritime Academy. Authorities began looking for him less than 24 hours after he vanished from a residence in the Crosby Street neighborhood.

Yesterday, they probed the area where the Stillwater River and the Penobscot converge, after officers of the Maine Forest Service performed aerial searches which revealed "two objects of interest" below the water.

Police have provided no other details as to why they suspect Dave Breunig may have drowned there or what, if anything, they discovered in yesterday's recovery efforts.

They did say that Breunig's cellphone has gone dead and there's been no activity on his bank cards or social media accounts either.

http://killingkillers.blogspot.com/search/label/2016 drowningsMMA also indicated on its Facebook page over the weekend that school officials are aiding local law enforcement agencies in the attempt to locate their missing college student "alive" and "safe."

David Breunig is an athletic Caucasian male about 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds, with blue eyes and short brown hair. He is believed to have been wearing blue jeans, a black shirt and brown Timberlands when he disappeared.

Anyone who knows what happened to this young man or his current whereabouts is asked to call Lieutenant Chris Thornton of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office at (207) 667-7575 without delay. 

The Orono Police Department is also actively involved in this missing persons investigation. Tips to the OPD can be submitted via the Penobscot County Regional Communications Center at (207) 945-4636.


  1. The articles about this case are raising a lot more questions than they answer. For example, Was he depressed? Did he have a recent break-up of a relationship? Was he intoxicated, or on drugs? What did he talk about with the people at the party he attended Friday night? Did he have any major stressors?...Financial? Grades? Questions about his future? It seems strange to me that he left the party on Friday, this is Tuesday morning, yet none of these questions has been addressed in the media coverage.

    1. UPDATE 3/1/16: Friends of missing college student David ‘DJ’ Breunig say they last saw him walking across (or heading toward) a train trestle near the river in Orono just before midnight on Friday, then disappear. A search-and-rescue spokesman indicated yesterday that officials are relying on those reports in combing the riverbanks and probing the waters of both the Stillwater and Penobscot for Breunig’s body this week:

      “It’s still a possibility that he’s lost,” that same individual acknowledged, “but we’re going on the lead [that] he never made it to the other side…” David Breunig’s aunt, however, still holds out hope her nephew will be found alive, noting that “he’s a strong swimmer” and “can deal with the cold.” She also said “he’s a fighter” but didn’t elaborate.

      The rescue/recovery effort continues today which now involves police, game wardens, officials of the maritime academy Dave Breunig attends, and community volunteers. So far, though, no one has found anything in the hunt for MMA’s missing junior.

      "We hold hope for David’s safety," the academy’s president said in a written statement issued yesterday. "Additional information will be provided as it becomes available."


    2. I feel David is in Trouble and the game battle of the hunt must go on to the DEATH of The Darkside and if David can HOLD HIS OWN like kick ass he is good but dam he might have to battle a human with a demon soul and we must pray with all our FAITH for David and remember the bible and Call
      on Saint Michael and his Angels and go into the Light.

  2. I'm just curious as to whether anyone has done toxicology tests on the victims for scopolamine?
    All these cases seem too coincidental to be accidental...

  3. Just like the Manchester canal deaths and the smiley face killers.... And the Missing 411 cases.

  4. Wasn't there another case similar like this one from just a few weeks ago? Same area?