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Monday, February 8, 2016

Body of College Soccer Star Luke Gabbert Found in Creek (and more)

Police are probing the apparent drowning of Luke Gabbert, one of a handful of young men found dead in outdoor bodies of water this weekend...


The 19-year-old Wesleyan University soccer player's immersed corpse was discovered in Ohio's Delaware Run Creek on Saturday morning.

Investigators still don't know how the 5-foot-9, 155-pound athlete ended up dead in the water and said that, at this time, a cause of death for Luke Gabbert also remains unknown.

Meanwhile, police in the UK confirmed that a body found floating near Spurn Point of Humberside late yesterday afternoon is that of 21-year-old Liam Pullen.

Pullen went missing Friday evening, following an argument with one of his mates at a Cleesthorpes address.

According to that individual, Pullen allegedly left his house during their disagreement wearing sweats and a navy coat with a hoodie underneath, and, perhaps, "no shoes."

Investigators have told reporters that the youth's subsequent drowning death "did not appear suspicious" to them.

That's roughly the same view held by authorities in Queens New York where a dead man washed ashore of the East River on Saturday afternoon.

That victim's identity and other particulars haven't been released, pending notification of family, but his death also doesn't seem suspicious, cops there are saying.

Boston has likewise been afflicted with yet another Charles River water fatality this winter, although the identity of the deceased young male retrieved on Thursday continues to remain a riddle today, due to extensive decomposition.

“The water can kind of obscure and bloat the face," a law professor at Boston University vaguely explained to the press yesterday; additionally noting that, if the hands and feet were degloved too, it would prevent IDing the victim via his prints. 

She also suggested a police composite sketch was underway this week, in hopes that a member of the public might recognize John Doe and finally give him a name.

A jogger noticed the unidentified young man's corpse floating under the Longfellow Bridge, and a marine unit of the Massachusetts State Police came and recovered it soon after.

Foul play hasn't been ruled out at this stage in the inquiry because a cause and manner of death hasn't been determined.

Because the public was understandably alarmed by the latest discovery, Massachusetts police and the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office released a written statement about the incident.

In it they confirmed they're jointly "investigating this matter," but "no additional information is available at this time,” they added.

Missing young men "accidentally" drowning in lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds -- fully clothed and in cold weather -- is a relatively recent crime trend.

However, only in the past few years have some of these dubious mishaps been fully investigated, and a few even reclassified as *possible* murders.


  1. Actually, these are NOT a recent trend. David Paulides, in his "Missing: 411" books (there are five altogether), describes hundreds of disappearances of young, intelligent, often athletic men who go missing, are not found in a search, and then turn up dead in or near water. The same thing happens to young children, too. They vanish in an instant, are not located in an extensive search involving hundreds of volunteers, officers, and tracking hounds--only to turn up dead in a creek or a swamp that was already searched, or miles away on a mountainside that they couldn't possibly have climbed on their own.

    Some of these cases go back to the 1800s. If they were happening back then, we can be sure they have been happening for much longer than that. Pay attention to the stories of indigenous peoples. They have more to teach us than you might think.

  2. Thanks for commenting -- However Missing-411s never involve young men disappearing from downtown areas in cold weather months and later being found drowned in outdoor bodies of water.

    'Missing 411' exclusively refers to both females and males of all ages vanishing in America's national parks, typically during bad weather, and then usually never being seen or heard from again, or else being found in a disoriented frame of mind.

    (I believe the author of the above theory thinks Bigfoot is the prime suspect, or, at least, a person of interest.)


    1. Actually, E.R., Paulides published a new volume of his "Missing: 411" book called "A Sobering Coincidence" in August, 2015. It involves dozens of cases of young men drowning from urban areas under extremely suspicious circumstances (disappeared from bar areas after being separated from group, kicked out of bar by bouncers, strange cell phone calls from victims on night of disappearance, found in bodies of water that had been well searched by people and dogs previously, etc.) Highly recommended, as he specifically builds a profile that relates to the SFK profile very closely, although he does not necessarily subscribe to it. Book is highly recommended!

  3. Officer Paulides now thinks his homicidal Susquatch has relocated from the wilderness and is abducting young men in downtown areas of cities like Milwaukee, Philly and Boston, then drowning them as the Smiley Face Serial Killers would do...(?!)


    1. E.R., I'm not sure why you're being cynical here. It seems like you consider him some kind of competitor or something. Weird...I would think you'd hope to cooperate with other researchers on the drowning men and similar cases.

      Paulides has explicitly moved on from the Sasquatch work he did. This latest book has nothing to do with Bigfoot whatsoever. He's got hundreds of pages of details on many dozens of cases, and he very explicitly does NOT provide a theory as to what could be happening to them. He's simply giving the details of each case, reporting clusters, and drawing attention, warning people to be careful, etc.

  4. Just having some fun, Silver, since yer spamming Killing Killers. (Normally admin deletes spam of any kind, even Bigfoot's.)


  5. I really like how you are bringing attention to this strange and tragic phenomena, as it seems like not many (especially traditonal news outlets and the authorities) are willing to do the same. I have been following the strange urban deaths for a while and when I stumbled upon the most recent work of David Paulides I felt like he really blew the lid off of the whole situation. I appreciate how he is only willing to provide lists of facts, and refuses to speculate. This format can make his books a bit tedious to read for some, so I have been listening to various interviews he has done on YouTube while doing other various tasks.

    Very interesting material, especially the interviews where he discusses his latest book on urban disappearances. I think you would find them very interesting, and would be interested to get your opinion of them!