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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Missing Persons Alert for Matt Labounty, 21 of Troy NY

Missing man Matt Labounty (below) is the nephew of Troy New York's police captain, Joe Centanni.

The 21-year-old disappeared in the vicinity of Adams and Fifth Street during the predawn hours of Christmas day, presumably while walking back to his home.


No one has seen or heard from Matt Labounty since early that Friday morning, and divers are now actively searching the waters beneath the Menands city bridge which spans the nearby Hudson.

However, investigators told reporters for local news station WRGB they “do not have any evidence that he is in the river," calling the search for him there just "one of the avenues that we are taking at this moment."

Matthew A. Labounty is a young Caucasian male about 6-foot-2 and 170 pounds, with short brown hair. He is believed to have been wearing a dark plaid shirt and jeans on the day that he vanished.

Anyone who knows what happened to him, or his current whereabouts, is urged to alert detectives of the Troy Police Department at 518-270-4411.

This missing persons case is developing -- please check the comment section for additional updates, and feel free to post your own there as well.



  1. Matthew Labounty, 21, is still MISSING from Troy NY, and Killing Killers will continue following his disappearance because it fits within the so called 'Smiley Face Killers' profile.

    Therefore, anyone with info on this young man's missing persons case -- and who feels uncomfortable about leaving tips on local law enforcement hotlines -- is encouraged to anonymously leave them here for other readers to process. (All you have to do to post on KK is complete a 'captcha' form.}


  2. Not far from Troy, In 2011 Alexander Grant was visiting friends in Saratoga when he left a party. He was from out of town and not familiar with the area yet he wandered off alone. He broke into an office injuring himself, stayed for a short time then left toward a wooded area and the creek in the opposite direction from town. He was found in the water a few days later.
    While I hope they find Matthew alive, I will not be shocked if his story ends like Alexander's. Since he's the son of the police captain, maybe law enforcement will investigate deeper?
    The pattern and frequency of these seemingly identical accidental drownings is eerie and disturbing.

  3. Alex's drowning in shallow water on the outskirts of Saratoga NY after police scattered the party he was attending had very VERY strange elements.

    I featured it in 'The Case of the Drowning Men' because it's a classic Smiley Face disappearance and death.

    (Thank you for dropping by to read and taking the time to comment.)


    1. So I read your book last night....very well written and interesting.
      I live in saratoga which is why I knew about Alex. It was so bizarre so I looked into it at the time and became aware of Josh Szostak and Tony Dimarria as well. Seems like my area is a bit of a hot spot.....so my teenage son gets the same lectures that my daughter gets about staying safe.
      It makes no sense that he would end up at the train station. It is set back from the road and deserted at that time of night. He walked right past the hospital, and there are several open gas stations near the train station entrance. If he was lost, or if someone was following him there were obvious safe places to go for help. Hypothermia can make people act weird, and often paradoxically feel hot, but if that were the case why would he break into an office building to seek shelter. Im curious, have you seen the video footage?

    2. Thank you. Re: Alex Grant disappearance & drowning -- there was a significant amount of blood found in the medical clinic (he kicked in a window to enter its lobby) but I don't know that it was ever DNA tested. I believe it's him in the clinic's videotape and that he did this to trip an alarm there and with full knowledge he'd be filmed. (Which suggests he wasn't suffering the effects of hypothermia, such as disorientation and delirium, as later claimed by the same police who broke up the party Grant attended earlier that same night).


  4. http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Body-retrieved-from-Hudson-River-in-Albany-6879625.php

    1. Thanks, Anon -- awaiting official confirmation on victim's ID, though there is a high probability it is missing 21yo Matt Labounty. Autopsy also in progress today.


  5. The smiley face killer lives in Troy, Ny.