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Sunday, March 24, 2013


UPDATE 3/27/13: The Tripathi family concedes that "Sunny" Tripathi suffers from chronic depression, dropped out of university over a year ago, and left a suicidal-sounding note for them before intentionally disappearing in mid March this year. CLICK TO READ FULL STORY HERE.

 Brown student missing 

The FBI has joined the search for a Brown student missing since last Saturday.

Sunil Tripathi, 22, vanished without a trace from the Brown campus at around 11 in the morning on March 16th.
Brown University is located in Providence Rhode Island, the very same town that 'Smiley Face Killer' victim Gregory Hart, 23, disappeared in mid March of 2010.

Hart was found a few days later "drowned" in the nearby river.
Sunil Tripathi is described as tall and thin with dark hair and eyes. When last seen he was wearing jeans, a black ski jacket, glasses and a woolen cap.

Anyone with information about what may have happened to him is urged to e-mail sangtrip@gmail.com, or to telephone (917) 774-9208.


  1. Hmm...this doesn't seem to fit the killer's MO though. He disappeared in the morning. Also, local news (Boston) has reported that he was "on leave" from Brown at the time of his disappearance. "On leave" = medical leave/treatment for mental illness? One could speculate.

  2. You are correct; he is deliberately missing and believed to be suicidal.

    There evidently has been some degree of misrepresentation by the family in portraying Sunil's situation as that of a "missing person." I suspect it was done in order to justify a great expenditure of the taxpayers' money to engage local, state and federal authorities in a five-state manhunt for a youth who by all indications doesn't want to be located.

    The Tripathis appear to have used their not inconsiderable knowledge of social media and social status to achieve that objective, which, IMHO, is just wrong. Especially when there are so many youths now who are legitimately missing due to foul play and nobody is searching for them at all.

    Thank you for dropping by and for your feedback as well-

  3. Please tell me as a parent how that can be wrong? There is nothing wrong when someone's child is missing and needs to be located. The problem is on one hand you say it is such a misjustice that the police do not give enough attention to our missing, (especially men) and on the other hand...you yourself are declaring it "wrong" that the family is doing all possible and has a great media presence? As we all know, that is always temporary. Should Sunil not be located within the next week or two the media will go away. At the same time you write of all the mysterious deaths of young males found in water...yet you are so quick to dismiss that Sunil in fact may not have been a victim or abducted? How can you be so confident? Because of what you read online? We don't know if he may have obtained a ride by an unsavory character, nor do we know if he truly is in a distressed state and needed to "step away." We, for the family, must cover all avenues and do all possible to help find Sunil...and the police assistance even more so knowing that he may be extremely distressed or depressed.

    Cynthia Caron
    LostNMissing Inc.