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Sunday, September 1, 2013

YES WE CAN'T: Obama Backs Down On Syria

Amid worldwide protest, skepticism and scorn, Obama won't be bombing Syria today.

The sneakiest president since Tricky Dick Nixon has finally conceded what was more than obvious to anybody else with an ounce of integrity and a brain: That he needs congressional approval to declare war, even a "limited" one.

Impeach Barack
For the past few decades, however, many administrations similarly confronted with a souring domestic situation and charges of illegal doings have sidestepped the democratic process; successfully distracting the public by rushing into high profile and costly disputes with "enemies."

Obama himself, guilty of gross violations of the Constitution in implementing wide sweeping spy programs against citizens, allies and journalists, was hoping to take advantage of Congress being on recess for the summer to launch his "surgical" but "narrow" attack in the middle east.

He and other top ranking officials with a military industrial complex say they "have evidence" that Syrian forces led by president Bashar al-Assad maimed or killed over 1400 unarmed civilians last month using chemical weapons.

But thus far that claim and Obama's supposed outrage have been regarded both here and abroad with suspicion, and even the UK has refused to take part in a retaliatory strike, brief or otherwise.

Presently, UN inspectors are on the ground in Syria trying to ascertain if such outlawed weaponry was used or not. But they say it can take a few more weeks to definitively rule on the matter, a declaration that only seemed to make president Obama and his advisers more antsy.

America itself manufactures chemical weapons and has more than once used them on defenseless peoples as well as supported regimes which have done the same. Not to mention being the only nation ever to drop nuclear bombs and napalm on nonmilitary sites and cities.

The U.S. was also a key player in the extensive firebombing of Dresden during World War II.  Again, a city full of tens of thousands of noncombatants, most of whom were scorched to death or slowly suffocated from lack of oxygen.



  1. I'm torn on the use of military force in Syria. If Assad did use chemical weapons on his own people, there needs to be a serious consequence. However, a USA military strike has me torn in both pro and anti views. I'm tired of innocent non combatants dying. I do believe Assad should be ousted and charged with crimes against humanity. Toss the bastard in jail for life.

    Like many Americans, I am watching the news and reading all I can on the developments. The last thing I want is our brave troops involved in another war. I wish I had answers to my many questions.

    What do you believe we should do EB?

    1. Well ... diplomacy, of course.

      And not just overpaid, belligerent talkingheads agreeing to disagree 'at the table' either, then stomping off like kindergarteners. But intelligent, caring men and women honorably striving for thoughtful solutions to these run-of-the-mill, same-old-same-old, dumbass conflicts.

      In our advanced era of communication it is absolutely unseemly AND appalling for educated leaders to be CONSTANTLY chucking bullets and bombs at each others' people, and, in between these deliberate acts of wide-scale violence, flinging insults at each other.

      Neither the planet nor its exploited minions can withstand such toxic, nonstop psychodramas anymore. And those who stage these absurd but deadly feuds/landgrabs should have their heads examined.

      Because there's seriously something wrong with how they're thinking, as exhibited by how negatively they're interacting with Earth and the rest of humanity.


    2. I think we should not take the government's word for the source of the attacks, seek out corroborative reports and determine that the attacks were not, in fact, engaged by the rebels. We should also think twice before siding with the likes of Al-Qaeda or the cannibalistic rebel opposition.

      Hanging on every word of treasonous sociopaths like Barry and Lurch is a surefire way to achieve self-immolation.

  2. The sneakiest? Not after that Bush and Company fiasco of saying just about anything to do a sales job on the American people to sell them on a war. It is true they have used chemicals on our own people. I was one of them. Lived just down the street from where they sprayed the agent orange. It is probably the reason my sister is dying. I consider it a attack by my own government so they are fair game as far as I am concerned

    1. At least Iraq had a coalition, however unwilling. France was the only ally who remotely cares to join in on this facade (and they have since backed off), especially with the prospects of WWIII at our door.