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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Arrest Coming in Trump Russia Collusion Probe

Numerous media outlets report this weekend that arrest #1 in the Trump Russia collusion probe is set for early Monday.

They also believe the leak of that top-secret info came from Team Trump itself, and that the subject of the "sealed indictment" may be Trump's former top advisor, Paul Manafort.

However, as with the actual identity of the suspect or suspects, the leakers' names are also unconfirmed at this time.

Following a no-knock search of Manafort's estate this past summer, Manafort revealed the possibility of a future arrest; allegedly for aiding a foreign enemy in meddling with America's 2016 election results to favor his ex boss over projected-winner Hillary Clinton.

Agents were said to have seized computers, hard drives, and other incriminating evidence during their surprise raid, some of which implicated Vladimir Putin himself.

Coincidentally, that was the same month when federal investigators also disclosed the true extent of Moscow's efforts to make Donald Trump president, including Putin's hackers breaching the security systems of electronic-voting machines in at least 21 U.S. states.

Election officials from several of those impacted districts had noticed and even reported voting "irregularities" and other suspicious "glitches" on election day, but until June 2017 this most onerous aspect of the Trump Russia collusion plot has barely been discussed.

Special-prosecutor Robert Mueller was given broad authority to pursue any and all criminal acts he uncovered as a result of the Trump Russia probe.

That means the charges set forth in this very first arrest warrant could just as well involve tax dodging, perjury, racketeering, and any other federal crime exclusive of -- or including -- treason.


  1. Editorial Note: Trump son-in-law and WH adviser, Jared Kushner, and his ex national security adviser, Michael Flynn, are two others mentioned in Sat. news coverage.

    A rep for Mr. Mueller said he will provide a statement about the charges "on Monday."

  2. #BREAKING: Sources say that Paul Manafort was indeed served an arrest warrant this morning and, at this hours, has either been ordered to turn himself in to authorities or is already in police custody.

    His criminal indictment is allegedly related to financial dealings with Russia and collusion.

    One-time Manafort associate, Rick Gates, has also reportedly been taken into custody this morning.

    Further updates will appear in this thread as they materialize and are confirmed -- feel free to add your own or to comment.


  3. Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort has surrendered to federal officers. His second Rick Gates remains at large.


  4. Manafort and Gates have been charged with 12 criminal counts: Conspiracy against the United States (treason), conspiracy to launder money, not disclosing they are agents of a foreign government, filing false and misleading statements under the US Foreign Agents Registration Act, perjury, and seven counts for refusing to report of foreign assets and bank accounts.


  5. #BREAKING: Both Manafort and Gates are now in police custody facing numerous charges, including treason. Separately, George Papadopoulos -- another "co conspirator" aide of Trump identified through Mueller's Russia probe -- has pleaded guilty to lying about his own illicit ties to Kremlin officials, federal prosecutors revealed today. However, that plea was entered on October 5th.

    Great day for America.


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