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Friday, October 6, 2017

Gambling Vegas Gunman a Mob Hit Man Gone Rogue?

Authorities claim the more they investigate Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock the less they know about him.

Their "secretive" senior-citizen shooter is purportedly the "lone wolf" in America's "deadliest" mass shooting event "in modern history" -- from his ritzy perch at the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino on Sunday night, leaving nearly 5-dozen concertgoers on the ground below dead and almost 500 more wounded or trampled.

Paddock's "premeditated" solo attack in the heart of mob infested Vegas lasted about "nine to 11 minutes" and was "meticulously planned" for weeks, including the transformation of ordinary firearms in his arsenal that evening to veritable machine-guns with 'bump stocks' or trigger cranks.

Allegedly, the "rare" 64-year-old mass-murdering "gambler" with "no criminal record" had been stockpiling those guns and ammo "since the 1980s," investigators say; Paddock strategically but "lawfully" making all of his lethal purchases one at a time, and thereby slipping below the radar.

Why his "sudden" show of violence this month, though, no one has a clue. And, worse, since the "elusive" Las Vegas shooter swiftly "committed suicide" to evade capture, it "might be" that "we never fully understand" now what motivated Stephen Paddock to murder en masse. Nor how, throughout all the decades prior, this "dangerous" man with a talent for cards and killing was really spending his time in Sin City.

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