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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Divers find Missing Severed Head Limbs of Kim Wall

Divers have recovered the severed head and limbs of Kim Wall, the award-winning Swedish journalist who 'mysteriously' died aboard millionaire Peter Madsen's homemade submarine this summer.

Wall, 30, was doing a feature story on the eccentric Danish inventor in Copenhagen on August 10, 2017, when she vanished at sea without a trace. Her headless, legless torso later washed ashore and investigators have been trying to piece together the truth -- and her corpse -- ever since.

Originally, Madsen told them he'd deposited Ms. Wall safe and sound at port on the same day she supposedly interviewed him and well before he "deliberately sank" his sub, the UC3 Nautilus, in shallow waters shy of its dock on August 11th.

But that story failed to hold water once a beachcomber came across Wall's stabbed and weighted remains, sans her head and limbs, on August 21st.

Suspected serial killer and snuff-filmmaker, Peter Madsen, then offered officials a starkly different account, claiming that he himself lost his head and, in a "suicidal" panic, mutilated the journalist and "buried her at sea" only after she had "accidentally" perished on his vessel.

Allegedly, in Madsen's new version of events, a heavy hatch fell on Kim Wall as she was either boarding or exiting his submarine, crushing her skull and killing her instantly.

However, a preliminary autopsy has revealed no blunt force trauma to Wall's decapitated head or any fractures on it at all, so her ultimate cause of death and what led up to it is still unknown.

A police spokesman told reporters today that another bag containing a knife and some of Kim Wall's personal effects was also found in the water this weekend, close to where the rest of her dismembered remains were finally located.

This bag too had been weighted.

case update by EPONYMOUS ROX

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  1. I feel that if a person seek the truth about what happen to Kim from God and his �� angels and if we are just and not the unjust well maybe God will let her soul speak out from the spirit world and tell us what happen to her body!!!???