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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Smiley Face Murder Mystery: masonic eye tattoo key to IDing John Doe

Can you solve this Smiley Face Murder mystery?
Man with all-seeing mystic eye tattoo found drowned in Harlem's river
Detectives from New York  City's police department won't say exactly how they happened to stumble upon the partially clad and decomposing body of an adult male floating near the Bronx shore of the Harlem River early this May.
But they are asking for assistance from the public in identifying him. Something which, for those who knew the deceased man well, should be pretty easy to do -- he's got a very distinct eye and accompanying phrase tattooed in black ink on his shoulder.
Police say they've found no outward indication of any trauma on the cadaver, although they're still mystified as to how the mystic-eyed gent ended up dead in the water.
The meaning of his compelling tattoo has them a bit stumped, too.
Is it emblematic of membership with the secret order of the Masons? Is it an icon borrowed from the back of a dollar bill that the man merely found intriguing?  Or is he an assassinated Illuminati?
No one but the Smiley Face Killers can say, at the moment. But for anybody else who may recognize this graphic image, the NYPD asks that you call their anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline at (800) 577-TIPS.


  1. Any idea what the words are? I can't make them out. -David A

    1. I think I can decipher this much of it (kinda). In brackets are those I have doubts about, plus no clue yet what that final obliterated word might be:

      "Everything you know you’ve [been] thought [honest] you distinguish [is] what[‘s] _______"

      (Hoping reader Tennessee111 will drop in sometime soon and help solve this one for us!)


    2. P.S. I'm actually leaning toward "good" being that last word...

      But then it's not a properly constructed sentence, which still adds to the confusion.


    3. yea I do not know what that is and am about to leave. No puter at home. Any way everyone should be aware of this case sice LE tries to act as if they are not suspicious when it fact they frequently are,but judge for yourselves.

      Thirty-five year old Jeffrey M. Liepitz of Mosinee, Wisconsin was last seen on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2008, at 1:30 a.m. walking out of Dinger’s Sports Bar on Main Street (Highway 153) in Mosinee.

      The missing man’s mother, Marlyne Rayome, said she was concerned that her son may have an injury that could explain his disappearance (Wausau Daily Herald, 2/12/08). Rayome, who lives with her son in Mosinee, said she received a call from one of his friends telling her that people in the bar were hitting Liepitz in the head. Rayome said she went to the bar after receiving the call, but her son no longer was there.

    4. "Everything you know you’ve been taught, however you distinguish what you have learned" was he already tattooed with this. Or was it done to him when he was missing? tattoos only take a couple of weeks to heal. and that ink is black as black denoting a fresh tattoo.

  2. I wonder if that tattoo was put there on purpose before he was killed or right after. After all how many people would get a tattoo like that?

    1. It wasn't purposely put there he got the tattoo before he died, i was there when he came home. I need to know everything you know on this case please, we have our suspicions that my brother was killed.

    2. @Anonymous 11/30/2016: Suspected the same three years ago when this article was first published, but heard back from no one familiar, until now -- what is this victim's name, the ruling on his cause and manner of death, and his various other particulars? (Including whether he was also a bona fide Mason, which, quite frankly, that tattoo does strongly insinuate.)

      Thank you, btw, for finally dropping by and posting an update/comment, too. This is a popular case on our site and readers has been left in the dark about it for too long.

      Kind regards,

  3. Interesting idea, Tennessee. If done when alive, how long would a tattoo that size take to heal?

    1. Several weeks up to a month. Tattoo doesn't appear to be recent because the wound itself would be severely discolored due to infection.

  4. beats me. I have more questions than answers myself. Any way I noticed another thing about the case I mentioned.

    Scott Liepitz told the Herald that his brother hated water. "The only reason he was out on the ice is if he was hurt," he said. "Everyone in Mosinee knows not to go in the river."

    He was a nascar fan

    Still have to disagree if you think some of these are not planned. have not covered the long list of oddities. Others opinions are not going to change my mind since I tend to remember more details than others in the first place. I think they may have taken martins watch,killed a mark martin fan ,and the Tick Tock Inn victim. martin was a few months after marlon blue that was found in the pond off regent street. As you probably know regent is the name for one that governs. Martin was at the royal Mile Bar-again we have the same definition.

    Previous odd circumstances were things such as Chris Noble being in the hocking river in athens. A more recent one was at a Noble street bar called last call who may have been dragged part of the way to the creek about back called Pleasant Creek. This was Martin Luther King day. He was a race car driver and the time of death was Martin Luther King day,give or take a day..

    Matt Kruziki was same day as a victim whose scent was tracked to MLK monument and the victims whose scent was picked up was right before a MLK day victim.

    Martin lived on a Pleasant Street. hayduk went to a bar on Pleasant Street. someone seemed to have been dragging the noble street victims body to pleasant creek behind the bar-the race car driver

    As I said marlon was found in a pond-just another name for a marsh. look at the details of sharma in Washington. Look in the name sharma-see that the dates are one year apart. see that marlon was buried in Washington cemetary-Noble went to a party on Washington and Sharma was in Washington.

    look at how similar names compare with Falcon. falcon was from Victor NY. victor is Swansons middle name. Geesey was at Club millenium. millenium and falcon go together if you like star wars. btw losik and myers both at a marriott and losik worked the star wars program and Myers was at all star lanes,but that is another story.and Justin Bogart Hayduk found at the dam at the humphrey coal mine and coal and dam in falcons name . Look at Olberding that went missing just before falcon and they find him at Anderson Ferry,which has Adam Falcons initials.looks like a story with murders to me.
    It did say in a story the detectives mentioned the internet may be used and the detectives did say something about people missing the same day. These are things that look suspicious to me researching independently of them

  5. here is the story on kevin martin. I mentioned the watch and tick tock inn. From their web page

    The one thing that strikes the family as odd, is that Kevin's watch was found in his friend's vehicle. This is atypical of Kevin. He NEVER took it off, other than to take a shower or to go to bed (although he'd sleep with it on periodically).

    imagine if you knew just about everything about cars and you had a track record of diagnosing and fixing them ,yet someone else always wants to disagree with you. This is a situation similar to what I am in. Most people just are not going to see that there is a bigger picture that is very strange,because it requires remembering so much information. It is a lot less about seeing patterns than memory. lets put it this way.If there were a test I would probably score higher than everyone else. Any one can look at a few individual things and say"oh well those are just random facts and coincidences". Of course I believe some things just are that. I probably am the most qualified to be judging if they are all just random circumstances and I doubt they are.

    Do you really think everyone is going to kill the way it says they do in a textbook? You can not just base a profile on what is known. LE often does not even recognize when a serial killer is around when they kill in the same area,let alone over different states. how can you make a judgement about something you are not detecting in the first place? You have to have all the data first before you can say for sure what a killer does and does not do. People are fighting to keep methods of fighting crime in the dark ages. the same people that claim there is no killer. In fact would not someone do exactly what they say they would not do? Not one person on the planet would think of that? They are going to kill in a typical textbook example? Really? Some things can not be learned from a book. You can either think for yourself or you can not. If everyone read one of those old scientific american articles and believed what it said about how heavier than air flight was not possible,we would be taking trains and buses. people would still believe the earth is flat.

    Now I might sound like the crazy one,but there is a very good chance I will come out smelling like a bed of roses while the nay sayers look just as stupid as people that though the world was flat.

    daniel lee newville could have been invited to the party in New London. pATRick welsh to the ratdog concert. BARBIEre to brecKENridge,booth to bootleggers,brad olsen to bar one. they may have got max walker in Milwaukee ,Wisconsin,and chris Olberding in Cinncinatti ,Ohio.Also Brian Braumberger in buraby. Campbell was at the Cactus Grill Cantina.

    Abel Bolanos was right after kaneakua. The month after. they said bolanos may have tried to acess wilson hall and then Travis wilson goes missing

    This is a possible reference to Ice Brothers written by Sloan Wilson. In the book when Paul Shuman(they probably already killed the sneakers bar victim and Shuh) goes to a party in the living room a riot breaks out on the ship. Compare that to John Pike(that went missing just before a victim in Fish lake). Pikes band Ra Ra riot played the bar called the living Room that night. I also have to wonder whose idea it was for Fleischmann to go to Dane Cooks comedy act and then a Buckhead saloon.

  6. I want to show you something. private.

    1. Goin' for broke tbh, my friend, so the main case I'm trying to call maximum attention to ASAP is Jeffrey Woodruff's from April 2013. However, this unidentified victim deserves solving too, as does the suspicous death of super QB Cullen Finnerty. I wish I had the resources to cover them all, but there's just too many now. You can contact me directly anytime with tips and data though -- just click on my name in this comment and that'll take you to the Killer Interviews page where you'll see a "contact us" link right below the cover image.


    2. I understand. It is time consuming for me just to do a little fact checking to make sure I got things right. Would like to more about that case. Not possible for me to read your book as I do not have internet and would need to print every page. I read at home often. I thought someone was going to read it and report back to me but I doubt that will happen. Also you cant expect me to use someone elses mail and this puter may not even be set up to do mail.

  7. Replies
    1. Do you have a question? It was noticed a long long time ago that he went missing early in the same day in North carolina as the victim at Carolinas bar in another state. may not be a coincidence ,because the what some would call random facts hardly end there.

  8. Hey Eponymous Rox,
    Sounds like you are on to something.. You going to email Tennessee111 and maybe work with him? Hey, I WOULD!!!!! IN A
    HEARTBEAT, I WOULD!!!!!!!! HE IS FOR REAL!!!! I know part of the story but am sworn to secrecy. I can't say more; feel me? Law
    Enforcement does not even know and he won't tell them either!! lol
    HE HATES COPS!!!! And, don't trust them either. Tennessee111 has huge infomation; it will be HUGE!!!!!

  9. Hey there Eponymous Rox,
    HE has figured out the common link!! Yup, HE is smart that way.
    Well, I told you so, didn't I. lol It's freaking HUGE!!!

  10. please someone solve this!!!!! I need to know.

  11. Killing Killers. Good article and all but please remove everyone's comment. His family would very much appreciate it. He has just recently been identified to us (family & friends)and I know for sure the family would be very upset to see everyone's.

  12. Seriously why is this still up.. Better question you have no direct evidence linking this to the smiley face killers where does your hypothesis come from?.. I swear if I ever find who did this to my boi ............ I'ma find you ...