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Monday, June 24, 2013

Whitey Bulger hitman: 'We were up to our necks in murder'

Whitey Bulger hitman John 'The Executioner' Martorano is unloading his conscience this week, providing damning tell-all testimony against his former crime boss in a gangster trial to beat all gangster trials ... but you ain't seen nothing yet.
MUGSHOT: Whitey BulgerBulger, long known to have been an FBI informant, was fondly dubbed 'Robin Hood' on his old turf of Boston Mass. A nickname he earned for his generosity toward the poor and an adamant refusal to do business with drug dealers.
But the robbing hood of yesteryear had also developed quite an insatiable taste for blood, his disgruntled Winter Hill Gang ex-member is alleging from the safety of the witness stand.
"We were up to our necks in murder," the retired assassin said, unabashedly describing his and Whitey's killing spree and decades' long reign of terror. 
Martorano was also paid 20-grand, awarded a get-out-of-jail-free card, and granted total immunity in exchange for being the prosecution's star witness.
It was, as they say, an offer the homicidal stool pidgeon couldn't refuse, which compels him to expound upon the dozens of murders he now asserts he'd committed for 'no charge' and on the direct orders of Whitey Bulger and his syndicate.
Bulger, presently imprisoned and in his early eighties, long ago fell out of favor with the likes of his unhappy hitman when it was discovered he'd been finking on associates and rivals who he wanted out of the picture.
Of course, snitching instead of slaying doesn't quite jive with the *honorable* hatchet man's blood-soaked version of things. Still, learning that Bulger was a scheming double-cross secretly in cahoots with the Bureau "broke [his] heart," the otherwise heartless Executioner told the court.
And that's why he's decided to come clean now:
“One’s got the courage to stand on the stand, the other one’s doing it behind your back and dropping dimes,” John Martorano explained. “How can I be ratting on a guy who’s been the rat for 30 years? I’m trying to stop him from ratting anymore.”
But defendant Bulger also claims to have the goods on everybody -- including dozens of dirty cops and a gaggle of government agents --  so if things don't go his way, he'll soon be spilling the beans too, he warns.
Whitey's revelations though would extend well beyond just the misdeeds of his pals in crime to include those of former city officials, police chiefs, law enforcement officers, and even the FBI itself.
Plainly the stakes in this famous mobster's mass murder trial just keep getting higher and higher, so go grab some popcorn now, and don't touch that dial.
UPDATED from June 19th 2013 by Eponymous Rox for KILLING KILLERS

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