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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

JONATHAN MARTIN: Richie Incognito versus Dolphins' Coaches

In bullying Jonathan Martin off the field, Richie Incognito accuses his coaches of ordering the abuse -- what did the Dolphins know, and when did they know it?

Mention bullies and it conjures images of school children heartlessly picking on their less popular peers, not grown men -- really, really grown men -- harassing their teammates to the point of quitting.

But, as if the NFL doesn't have enough problems already with rogue players like Aaron Hernandez, illegal hits, and repeat concussions, locker-room bullying is the latest kind of vexing behavior the league is being forced to publicly atone for this week.

Making matters worse, in the Dolphins' Jonathan Martin / Richie Incognito contest, a number of the team's head honchos, such as coach Joe Philbin, stand accused today of actually inciting the out-of-bounds bullying that forced newbie Martin to walk away.

At least that's what disgraced and discharged Incognito now claims ... Read my special coverage of this developing story here.


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