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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In the USA 4 out of 5 poverty: Who murdered the American Dream?

4 out of 5 poverty -- and climbing
New poverty statistics have been released and the picture of America and its poor huddled masses yearning to be free is getting bleaker and bleaker by the minute.
Since 1980, those of us living at or below the poverty level has been escalating, and despite widespread misconceptions as to just which of our fellow Americans 'aren't making it' the face of the impoverished is, in fact, quite white.
For Caucasians a whopping 76 percent will now find ourselves at some point teetering on the brink of financial ruin or plummeting over that precipice, with the largest chunk of 'unfortunates' being represented by the working class.
But white, black, latino -- whatever -- by the time most of us reach age 60 our risk of joining the ranks of the impoverished jumps to 79 percent overall, or 4 out of 5 poverty.
And for a nation that thinks nothing of spending trillions upon trillions of our tax dollars on waging war and illegal secret surveillance programs, that's not just a disgrace, it's absolutely criminal.
What besides this governmental corruption and excess is to blame for the murder of the American Dream as we once knew it? Experts say that's simple to answer: The growing disparity between the rich and the poor and the lack of good-paying jobs. 
Indeed, based on these seemingly unstoppable trends, by the year 2030 roughly 85 percent of all working-age adults in the United States will experience serious, prolonged economic hardship.
"Poverty is no longer an issue of 'them', it's an issue of 'us'," explains Washington University professor, Mark Rank, who helped calculate the recent numbers. "Only when poverty is thought of as a mainstream event, rather than a fringe experience that just affects blacks and Hispanics, can we really begin to build broader support for programs that lift people in need."
Of course, the only truly effective program to 'lift people' up will be restoring jobs that offer citizens careers and benefits again, and curtailing the endless 'war effort' that has morally and fiscally bankrupted us.
In the meantime, with corporations picking, grooming and bedding all our politicians, and those political puppets exclusively doing their bidding, expect the rate of the poor and pilfered to keep exponentially expanding.
Maybe one day, in the not-so-distant future, it really will be 99 percent.

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