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Monday, December 9, 2013

MISSING PERSON ALERT: Gianfranco Villagomez

BREAKING NEWS: Body matching description of  Gianfranco Villagomez -- missing since December 7th -- has been found today in or near his own home, and not far from where he was last seen. Read today's update HERE / original story below:

With the weird disappearance of Gianfranco Villagomez-Saldana on Saturday, yet another young male appears to have done the Kansas Vanish:

In fact, Villagomez, a grad student at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, lives only about a half hour from missing man Brad Cook, who was recently found dead in an area thought to have been thoroughly searched already.

GianfrancoVillagomezBoth young men abruptly disappeared after dark and are only in their early twenties -- an age (and gender) generally considered suspect by law enforcement...

On Friday night Gianfranco Villagomez, 23, had attended a small party with a few close friends, and they all say he left on foot early Saturday morning for his girlfriend's house nearby.

According to the group, Villagomez didn't appear inebriated, yet for some reason he never made it to his destination. 

He was last spotted at the intersection of Ninth and Michigan at 2:30 AM, but hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Villagomez, who hails from Peru, is dark-haired, brown-eyed and wears glasses. The 5-foot 9-inch tall industrial-design student weighs 165 pounds and was wearing a blue shirt with a KU Jayhawk logo on it, a long-sleeve gray shirt, black jacket, blue-jeans, and white tennis shoes when he went missing.

Anyone with knowledge of his current whereabouts or of what happened to waylay him is urged to call the Lawrence police at 785-832-7509 or CrimeStoppers at 785-843-8477.

Also read/share his missing person alert on GatherNews.


  1. 1/2 Mile From Brad Cook. How can anyone not believe what is going on in Kansas and across USA.How has the FBI not caught these criminals. All Males 18-40 are in danger.

  2. Police should be trying to put undercover young men that match these other victims in this area immediatley.

  3. Gianfranco Villagomez and Franscico Garcia were both from Peru. When Garcia's Body was discovered there was a Smiley Face discovered also. Gianfranco Villagomez was the 3rd victim in 5 miles of each other. total of 6? CC is probally the only way to be totally safe in KS right now.

  4. Part of the problems is that where this death happened is about 17 miles from where Brad Cook's body was found. In the Kansas City area there are so many different county jurisdictions, in such a small area. Within 30 square miles there are five different counties each having different investigators and medical examiners.