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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Police seek secondary crime scene in Ridgeway girl's slaying

A search of self-confessed murderer Austin Reed Sigg's Westminster Colorado residence produced the missing parts of Jessica Ridgeway's body, stashed by the killer in a crawlspace beneath his home, but no evidence that her corpse had actually been dismembered in that location.
Investigators have therefore extended their search now to the suspect's father's nearby mansion, hoping to pinpoint the secondary crime scene they know must exist and, possibly, to find more clues and evidence that may link this budding young serial killer to other attempted abductions and/or homicides in the area.
Sigg's father, Robert Sigg, a career criminal himself, has a rap sheet about a mile long which dates back to the early 80's and includes drug dealing, battery, and fraud. It's not known at this time the true source of his revenue which would facilitate owning and maintaining such a tony address and acreage (shown above), but he recently undertook to remove all of his online business profiles from the web following the news of his son's arrest and confession in the Ridgeway murder. 
Robert Sigg (pictured in the above police booking) is allegedly out of the country, but issued  condolences to the Ridgeway family this week in a carefully and eloquently worded statement.
He is divorced from Austin's biological mother Mindy, but took both on an impromptu luxury vacation in the Virgin Islands shortly after the unsuccessful attempted abduction of a female jogger in the park across the street from the Sigg's Westminster home in May 2012. Austin Sigg has confessed to that assault as well and his DNA was matched to the Ridgeway girl's slaying from evidence taken at that time. 
When informed of these developments, authorities in the Virgin Islands expressed grave concerns about the case and are currently in the process of reviewing their missing person reports during the timeframe that Austin Sigg, and convicted felon Robert Sigg and his ex-wife, were *vacationing* in their country.
Of the threesome, only Mindy Sigg has no police record of any kind, as it has just been learned that Austin Sigg had at least one mark on his record prior to being apprehended this month for abduction and murder. Because he is a minor, that matter was brought in the juvenile justice system and, at the date of this writing, remains sealed and a mystery.
Austin Siggs was also reprimanded and treated for a pornography addiction. He was only 15-years-old at the time of this offense. A family member with knowledge of these charges made the following remarks, on condition of anonymity:
“We heard that he was in counseling over issues related to the family breaking up--you know, Rob was in and out of prison sort of thing--but while Mindy kept telling everyone she was told this kind of phase of wearing black,  being holed up in his room playing video games, and charging porn movies on her accounts was normal for a teenage boy,  we had discussed someone taking the lead and mentioning we thought Austin did not seem “normal” for as long as I could remember.  But then he had a girlfriend for a while and he seemed to sort of snap out of it. 
"The last thing I remember was that they had gone to some formal and the next thing we knew Austin was pulled out of school and in intensive therapy for a pornographic addiction, so I don’t know if that is what broke the kids up, or what.   Mindy had it rough with the two boys on her own. She put herself through that school in Denver on her own dime while Rob got locked up at about the same time.  I think the kids were probably very much on their own and by the time Austin started having really big issues, it may have been too late obviously.
"We still don’t know how he [Rob Sigg] comes out of prison and paid off over $140K in fines while Mindy was forced to file bankruptcy this summer. I tried to look up Rob’s stuff on the internet, but a bunch of the files from his criminal case are still sealed.”
Austin Sigg was studying mortuary science and crime scene investigation at Arapahoe Community College at the time of his arrest. His father, Robert Sigg, is not as yet a suspected accomplice in the Jessica Ridgeway killing, but sources indicate that his activities are necessarily being scrutinized now too, considering his own criminal background and the serious nature of the crimes his son has planned and orchestrated.

Full coverage of the Sigg serial abductions and slayings will be posted here soon
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  1. Very interesting! I didn't know a family member had given an interview and shared this info.

  2. They spoke only on condition of anonymity. It's clear by their remarks that young Sigg's disturbing behavior was slowly building up to a level that couldn't be ignored and therefore caused tension in his family and disagreements as to how to 'treat' it. This also suggests that Mindy Sigg's phone call to the authorities turning her son in was long overdue.