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Sunday, February 10, 2013


$10,000 Reward
After numerous fundraising events, the family of 24-year-old Nick Wilcox is able at last to offer a monetary reward for information that will lead to closure in his disappearance last month.
"Bad case, good case, I hope to bring him home," the young man's sister, Andrea Wilcox, vowed when she announced the $10,000 reward to reporters this week.
Wilcox was last seen alive on New Year's day when he was being physically removed by unnamed bouncers from a disreputable and now defunct downtown Milwaukee bar, the Irish Rec Room. No explanation was ever provided for why his forced removal was necessary.
Additionally, police who were stationed in squad cars just outside the establishment that night claimed they witnessed nothing. They also say they have "no leads" regarding the Wilcox disappearance and have stopped searching for him.
Over the past decade or more, Milwaukee has been the scene of many similar ejections of young men from riverside pubs, which far too often has led to weird nonrecreational drowning deaths. Apparently with that in mind, police divers had immediately searched an area in the Milwaukee river where the "ice appeared to be disturbed" but reported that Wilcox wasn't in it.
The city of Milwaukee is also notorious for mysterious dash cam malfunctions in police cruisers -- an unbelievable 80% fail rate has been reported by patrol officers. That means valuable video feed from the specific units poised outside the Irish Rec Room to make arrests the night Nick Wilcox was ousted by security will likely never be retrieved.
Dash-cam failure and police brutality are two issues the residents of Milwaukee have finally decided to confront head on in 2013 as they seek once and for all to take the hiring, firing, and disciplining of cops out of the hands of police.
If successful,  they'd be the first in the land to implement this significant legislative overhaul -- for two  plus centuries law enforcement agencies throughout the United States have policed themselves and exercised sole discretion over who will or will not be members of the force.
Milwaukee citizen activists are hoping their sweeping reform proposal, combined with the mandatory installation in all squad cars of reliable dashboard cameras, will usher in a new era of 100% police accountability and guarantee greater public safety in their neighborhoods as a result.
In the meantime, Wilcox's loved ones will continue canvassing the particular Milwaukee neigborhood where he was last known to be in, as well as handing out and hanging up new fliers with reward information.
Nick Wilcox is six-foot-two, between 180 and 200 pounds, and has blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a grey shirt, dark pants and black shoes when he vanished. More details can be found at the Facebook page Find Nick Wilcox.


  1. *** Watching a report out of Milwaukee today that a very badly decomposed body was found in a garbage bag stashed beside a dumpster near 64th and Florist Ave.

    The individuals who came across this grisly find say it appeared to be that of an adult. They described it as "a skull attached to a body."

    Police have not yet said what gender the corpse is, but have sent it to the coroner's office where it will need to be thawed first before examination.

    This discovery may not be related at all...but I couldn't rule out the possibility based on the degree of decomposition involved and the length of time that Wilcox has been missing.

    In either case, I'll post an update when I know more.

  2. MILWAUKEE: Nick Wilcox Sr. has expressed relief to learn that the body found wrapped in a garbage bag and sheet behind a dumpster this weekend is not his son's.

    The corpse was identified yesterday as that of Dwight Killibrew who also went missing from a downtown bar this winter.

    The 53-year-old man mysteriously vanished December 14th 2012 and his remains are believed to have been placed at the site they were discovered only recently.

    Killibrew had stopped at a pub after finishing work. It is not known what happened to him after that or who dumped his body. An autopsy is scheduled for today and police are still investigating.


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