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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DORNER IN A CORNER: panicked commander of petrified posse orders "Get the gas, burn it down!"

UPDATE February 13th: In what is bound to be determined an illegal order, leaders of the petrified police posse trying to maintain a stranglehold around expert marksman and ex-cop Chris Dorner gave the shocking command yesterday to burn down his mountain hideout. With him in it.
So ended the week-long rampage the decorated soldier and former policeman had waged against his corrupt colleagues at the Los Angeles Police Department.
There are conflicting reports this morning as to whether a body has been found in the charred rubble or not. Some officials say they have indeed found some remains, believed to be those of the fugitive cop. Others claim the site is still much too hot to search.
One thing is for certain, though, Christopher Dorner has definitely proven his case against the LAPD -- all week they've been shooting at innocent passersby, conducting illegal searches and surveillance, resorting to excessive use of force, and outright lying to the media.
Now, with this Waco-style solution to the standoff, it will be all but impossible for the police to defend their actions in the court of public opinion.
Today, websites like YouTube are already broadcasting the voice of the official who demanded his men incinerate the cabin where a heavily armed Dorner was holed up in. That thus-far-unnamed individual was overheard on police scanners and by the press stationed close to the scene.
Witnesses said the cabin was fully ablaze within only minutes of someone ordering "get the gas, burn it down" and that a single shot then came from inside, but no one ever emerged from the conflagration.
Original coverage of this event is below:


A few more lawmen have learned the meaning of "sharpshooter" firsthand today, as they found themselves being airlifted to a nearby emergency room for gunshot wounds they received as they tried to surround fugitive ex-cop, Chris Dorner.
Dorner is barricaded in a cabin on Big Bear Mountain, 100 miles from the city of Los Angeles, and nowhere near the secret Mexican hideaway earlier reported by LAPD spokesmen and mainstream media.
Police had been continuing to scour the mountain range for days ever since they found Dorner's burnt out truck at its base, but at the same time they were also doing car by car searches throughout the southern California region, and had even set up checkpoints at the border with Mexico.
That's also close to where they had found their suspect's wallet and ID planted this week, deepening their suspicions that Chris Dorner has at least one accomplice helping him to evade capture. Somebody thus far only referred to in newly filed police documents as "JY".
Since he launched his bloody rampage against the corrupt LA Police Department, there have been a number of false sightings of Dorner during the week, but he was finally located this afternoon after stealing a white truck from a couple vacationing on Big Bear.

He is said to have burglarized their mountain retreat and tied them up before leaving the place ransacked, but one of them evidently managed to  get free soon after and swiftly reported the encounter.
Local deputies spied the stolen vehicle in question and gave chase, but Dorner abandoned it and, amidst a hail of bullets and smoke bombs, safely fled to yet another cabin to hide. He is believed to still be holed up there and heavily armed.
With local law enforcement agencies, SWAT teams, and federal agents rapidly descending, gunfire and obscenities can be heard echoing across the serene hilltops now, and it's doubtful the former officer and soldier will actually be taken alive...even if authorities wanted it that way.
Which also seems rather unlikely.
read my original coverage here and Dorner's unedited "manifesto" here


  1. Does anyone remember the story about Dorner attempting to steal a boat and his wallet with identification was reportedly found nearby? I could have sworn I read a story about that online. If that is true how could they have found his wallet & identification again...in a burnt out house...next to his body. Im confused.

  2. Yes, quite miraculous isn't it? In fact, this appears to be the third one of his that's been recovered by police. Another was found right at the Mexican border crossing, they claim.

    It's just downright perplexing why Dorner would need to have so many different wallets.


  3. Not surprised with that whole Christopher Dorner incident. He was screwed much like I was. He turned them in for kicking the mental patient and got fired for it and accused of lying despite the fact the victim backed his story up. They ruined his life. It is a very serious thing to make false accusations like that. It destroys a persons ability to provide for themselves and is a threat to their very existance. when you can not provide for yourself. The LA police should be punished . They really was no other way for that to happen unless you just kill the evil bastards. They pushed that guy over the edge.

    Worked for a city for 4 years. tried to take my vacation time and the new mayor told me if I take any vacation time I was fired. So I did any way. he then told unemployment a different story that I was mad about a task I was supposed to do so I quit. Some background for you below.

    Any way the task he was referring to was running the pumping station which was always the supervisors job. I did bring up an issue about that but it had nothing to do with the issue about my vacation time.Besides getting a new mayor I also had a new supervisor who decided on his own as far as I know that I was going to come in on saturday and run the pumping station. let me point out some things.

    It was not part of my job description
    I only worked 40 hours a week and was never allowed overtime the whole time I was there.
    Running the pumping station would have required me to put in over 40 hours.

    I was only asking for clarification of my job responsibities since the new supervisor seemed to think he could make my job be what ever he wanted and make me work the hours he want me to when the whole time I worked there things were never done that way.

    Well any way I contacted the dept of labor and said the things I said in this post and was told all I could do was file for unemployment . You need to understand I had no idea what rights I had if if I could have this investigated or if they could just make me do what ever they wanted

    I lost at the hearing and the decision was the same lie the mayor said. so now I have the State of NY libeling me in addition to the mayor. I also have someone telling prospective employers I quit over a job I refused to do which never happened.

    In addition the new mayor said i was in the wrong because as supervisor he could make me do what ever he wanted me to do. Well that seems to me to be making up a rule after the fact and he is telling me that it would go on my record that I did not run the pumping station on saturday. The mayor did not last long he came up with an excuse to resign that may or may not of been true, not long after some money was removed from an account. I hear he was also caught stealing for the legion though I can not say for sure that was true.