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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Disgraced Pistorius' Disgraceful Defense

Update 3/13/13- CRYING, LYING & VYING: Money Talks, Pistorius Walks
Family's campaign to discredit police pays off (more in the comment section)
Original story below MORE COVERAGE HERE
"It filled me with horror and fear of an intruder ... I felt trapped ... as I have limited mobility on my stumps."

With a shameful display of both crocodile tears and unabashed perjury, disgraced olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius told the judge that he gunned down his beautiful girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in cold blood because he was "afraid" for his life.
In a packed courtroom, and in a pathetic plea to win freedom and sympathy he doesn't deserve, the defendant repeatedly called attention to a congenital deformity he has always before demanded the world ignore:  The "stumps" that he insists made him "feel vulnerable" on the day he "accidentally" shot and bludgeoned the 29-year-old model he'd been dating for only months, as she desperately hid in a bathroom to escape his murderous wrath.   
Pistorius was of course referring to his defective legs in court proceedings held yesterday to determine if it would be safe to release him on bail pending his trial for premeditated murder. He was born without fibulas and at the age of 11 months both limbs were amputated below the knees.
Pistorius' appallingly lame excuse for killing his woman due to an overwhelming "fear of an intruder" is contradicted by the evidence collected at the crime scene--namely bullet holes shot through a locked bathroom door and a bloody cricket bat, together with a two-hour delay in calling the police during which time he urgently consulted with his friends and family as to what he should do and say.
Detectives testifying at the bail hearing said the high-to-low trajectory of the bullets showed without a doubt that Pistorius was not on his stumps, as he alleges, but instead had his artificial legs strapped on at the time of the shooting. They also provided witness testimony attesting to a 17-minute delay between the first gunshot issued and the subsequent volley of gunfire that resulted in Steenkamp's death.
As well, several neighbors overheard the couple quarreling earlier in the day, plus "non-stop shouting" in the hour or so preceding Pistorius' attack on his doomed lover. Sources also say the police had been called a number of other times to the Pistorius mansion concerning "domestic disturbances" in the past.
In 2009, the once-revered but now-reviled para-olympic athlete, known worldwide as "Blade Runner" for the carbon-fiber apparatus he wears during competition, was charged with assaulting another female at his home. That woman was eventually convinced to drop the matter, so he escaped prosecution.
Pistorius has had other significant run-ins with the law and been similarly forgiven for these offenses due to his fame and notoriety, although actually killing people has only recently been added to his criminal repertoire.
The morning immediately following the brutal slaying of Steenkamp, investigators searched Pistorius' lavish residence in Pretoria, South Africa and also found illegal substances, including needles, synthetic testosterone and steroids, stashed there. The use of performance enhancing drugs is banned in all major sports.
Which means the man is a liar, a cheater, a beater, and a murderer now as well.


1 comment:

  1. CRYING, LYING, AND VYING - Money Talks, Pistorius Walks:

    He's proven himself emotionally unstable, heavily armed, and a man with the means--and a lavish second address in Italy--to skip out of South Africa in order to avoid premeditated murder charges in the brutal slaying of his girlfriend on Valentine's Day...

    Nevertheless, Oscar Pistorius was released on bail yesterday, charged only a pittance for his liberty after a successful weeklong endeavor by his affluent family to discredit police investigators.

    A free man pending his upcoming trial, Pistorius still insists he was on his "stumps" when he pumped his girlfriend full of lead in the middle of a heated argument.

    However, those bullets, fired through a locked bathroom door, were shot from almost twice the height the para-olympic athlete would have been at if indeed he was standing without his artificial legs.

    As well, Pistorius has offered no explanation whatsoever for the bloody cricket bat found at the murder scene, nor for the victim's "bashed in" skull either.

    Today, for the first time since the defendant shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp to death as she hid from him in a bathroom, her family has spoken up about the killing. They warn Pistorius he "will have to live alone with his conscience" if the elaborate story he's telling is false.

    It remains to be seen if the steroid-addled, celebrity athlete, a classic flight risk and an inherent danger to the public with his habitual rages, is planning a big escape instead.

    Allegedly he has been forced now to surrender his passport and guns, but that too remains to be seen.