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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Casey Anthony Bankrupt and Going for Broke

Casey Anthony, bankrupt and the world's most hated woman, says she's gone totally broke since winning her freedom in 2011 and depends entirely "on the kindness of strangers" for her day to day needs.
At least until the much coveted "normal" life she now claims to crave will someday become available once more. 
Sadly, it's doubtful that the normalcy Anthony says she's seeking—which she once had as a single mother, if she recalls—will ever be coming her way again. Mainly because the accused baby killer is still receiving weekly death threats and therefore remains in hiding.
But, never mind the what-fors and the whys, she's a genuine pauper now, Caylee's acquitted killer personally informed the bankruptcy court this week. She’s got only about a $1000 worth of assets left to her name.
Some of that *fortune* comes in the form of furniture over a decade old, according to Anthony's court papers. These presumably donated by, or else pilfered from, her long lost parents from whom she is still believed to be completely estranged.
Some of it's technology with traditionally little or no resale value whatsoever, except perhaps for hard drive components or memory chips which may hold the kind of sordid secrets highly prized by magazines and tabloids.
In fact, only a few of the possessions Anthony lists can be deemed semi-valuable in the scheme of things: a solitary strand of bona fide pearls, a bicycle she rarely gets to use anymore, what with being penniless and unable to afford a body guard and all...and some memorabilia.
Still, for a person who is said to owe nearly a million dollars to creditors, these won't get her very far out of the hole.
Plus, she lamented, she's not been offered any lucrative book contracts or movie deals, either.
All of these desperate declarations, filed just in time to thwart lawsuits currently pending against her now from various folks she libeled and defamed throughout her murder proceedings, seem just a tad farfetched, however.
And the part about being scorned by Hollywood, an industry that's never met a murderer they didn't love, also seems hard to swallow.
So, is Casey Anthony bankrupt and broke like she poignantly claims to be; a misjudged soul searching for mercy from a world that has wrongly hated her guts for years?
Or is she outright lying about how dire her situation has become, in hopes of escaping future judgments?
"I don't pay rent, I don't pay utilities. I guess you could say I'm living free or off the kindness of others," she swears.
Yeah, she's probably spinning another of her elaborate tales. She's done that before. Remember? 


  1. I have been reading a book on the trial of Casey Anthony recently. I have never heard such ridiculous lies in my life as the "crap" she told. Kindness of strangers? I don't know anyone who doubts she murdered her own child so who in their right mind would be kind to her? Just my opinion. LOL

  2. Unbelievable. She can't get a regular day job like the rest of us? A strip club will surely hire her. Come on! I don't understand why "bankrupt" to her means, "I can't sell my story! Wahh!" and why no one is asking her if she's applied at 7-11. Prostitution is also legal in parts of Nevada and she could work at the Bunny Ranch - I'm sure she'd have no shortage of clients. I know she's a grifter and in her mind thinks she shouldn't have to work a day in her life, so why not look for a sugar daddy? I'm sure there is no shortage of them in Florida. See, there - I've come up with 3 solutions.

  3. As ridiculous as Lyndsay's comment is, it is kind of ridiculous that she can't find a way to monetize her unusual fame. I'm thinking more on the lines of an OJ Simpson "If I Did It" autobiography on her crime. Bankruptcy certainly shouldn't be the only option, she just needs to think outside the box.

    Saint John