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Friday, May 31, 2013

OBAMA SIN LADEN: Traitor, or True Blue Sociopath?

Hard to believe but Obamacare starts soon, whether or not we like it, which opinion polls show the vast majority of us don’t...
Making matters worse, the Internal Revenue Service, one of the shadiest bureaucracies ever created in the history of man and government, is somehow involved in the medical business these days, too. Charged as it were with administering the Obama beast now infamously known as Affordable Care.
That means, in just a few short months, millions of us are probably going to be slapped with IRS penalties and even jail time when we fail to participate in the ruse.
It is a terrible situation looming on the horizon, absolutely laden with sin and betrayal. And of course a far cry from the “free national healthcare” that Obama originally promised in exchange for valuable votes.
But then what can you expect from an obvious sociopath?
Profile of a sociopath
Lying, manipulation, treachery, deceit, violence, charm, charisma, lack of remorse, lack of empathy, lack of inhibitions or pain, emotional detachment, deviousness, fearlessness, criminality … these are the hallmark traits of a sociopath slash psychopath.
It's believed that only one per 100 individuals are born with this incurable mental defect and these are usually males. But, to accurately gauge what kind of societal damage this tiny fraction can do, almost 80 percent of the current prison population qualifies as sociopathic.
Crime is in fact the occupation most of these deviant individuals are drawn to, but, according to mental health experts, politics, law, business and finance are very close seconds.
In fact, worldwide, they estimate approximately 15 to 20 percent of political leaders, lawyers, bankers, businessmen and the like display similarly antisocial characteristics, albeit typically channeled into more acceptable and successful pursuits.
Worse, the more we procreate the more psychopaths we’ll have, these experts warn, with a few of such selfish fiends -- the Hitler, the Stalin, the McCarthy, the Nixon varieties -- invariably coming to rule us from time to time.
Psychopathology and heredity
Although the circumstances of President Obama’s birth and his childhood still remain somewhat cloaked in mystery, we do know by his family’s own admissions, that the “driven and emotionally remote” youngster, known in those days as Barry Obama, was essentially fatherless.
Being abandoned by a parent or being born and raised by one with a checkered past are two main predictors for the development of sociopathic behavior in both male and female offspring alike.
Genetics and upbringing are therefore important factors.
The bitter Birther controversy aside then, no matter what country Obama actually hails from, his formative influences do matter in the scheme of things. These alone could help to explain a lifetime of unbridled ambition, as well as an overall lack of accountability or compassion in achieving his objectives.
Audacity and hope
Whether it’s Barry Obama who’s ultimately responsible for the president’s pronounced pattern of lies and deceptions, or his paranoid political alter-ego, Barack, it really doesn’t matter anymore. He is still the guilty party, the one acting without a moral compass, the one devoid of shame and empathy:
A psychologically well man, for instance, doesn’t stand up in front of tens of millions of voters and swear he’ll end an unjust, costly war but then, once elected, escalate it. 
So too, he doesn’t promise he’ll abolish the unpatriotic Patriot Act and, instead, extend and enhance its infringements, subjecting more citizens and even members of the press to illegal spying and, now, drones. 
Additionally, he doesn’t make sweeping assurances he’ll clean up the environment and crackdown on polluters, yet defund global warming research projects and climb into bed with the very same dirty industries that’ve been treating the planet like a dump...
He also would never vow to give the people free national healthcare, and, when he’s hooked and crooked himself into office on that platform, callously flash a trademark grin and say “oops” no he won’t.
“Free National Healthcare”
Yes, the American people had the audacity to hope that when presidential wannabe Barack Obama promised free national healthcare in exchange for the Oval Office, he’d be good for his word once he got there.
After all, healthcare costs had finally reached do-or-die levels this century, unconscionably driven ever upward by greedy medical professionals in cahoots with the insurance industry itself, two of Washington DC’s biggest lobbyists not incidentally.
Besides, the United States is touted as the richest nation in the world. So why should it continue to be the only one in its class that refuses to provide free health and dentistry for its overtaxed citizens?
Free always means FREE, of course. As in the free healthcare coverage Obama and his cohorts presently enjoy at great expense to taxpayers, NOT some intrusive, so called “affordable” mandate which orders citizens to purchase health insurance or else
That is a dishonest, uncaring, and extremely antisocial solution. Indeed, the whole Obamacare matter smacks of a bait-and-switch scheme, which we all know to be illegal.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more, in spite of some my more nasty comments today regarding the Zimmerman debacle.