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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ridiculed Saudis Enforce 'No Woman May Drive' Ban

Amid worldwide scorn, Saudi kingdom officials detain and fine women drivers protesting the 'No Woman May Drive' ban:

Year after year auto fatality statistics prove the same thing: Women are better drivers than men -- the sole reason that insurance rates are far cheaper for females than for males, especially in the case of young men.

Notwithstanding that undeniable reality, in the backward nation of Saudi Arabia, it is against the law for women to sit behind the wheel of a vehicle, anywhere, anytime. 

Indeed, females of all ages who even venture alone outdoors on foot, face the very real risk of harassment and assault. Particularly if they're not 'covered' when in public, either by a male chaperone or a veil.

This weekend, in protest of such institutionalized misogyny, an organized caravan of women-driven vehicles took to the streets, the oppressed once more hoping to lift the 'no woman may drive' law designed to keep the female populace prisoner in their own land.

In that reasonable mission they've also received a little assistance from native-born artist and activist, Hisham Fageeh, whose satirical music video "No Woman No Drive" (sung to the late Bob Marley's 'No Woman No Cry' reggae hit) has gone viral.

Click link or above to hear and share his hilarious jab at a country which stubbornly remains the only place in the world where the roadways are devoid of women. 

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