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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Was Madeleine McCann the victim of a robbery gone amok?

Apart from the brutal rape, bludgeoning and strangulation of child model JonBenét Ramsey, no case has quite captured the public's attention and concern than that of long-missing toddler Madeleine McCann.

The blonde 4-year-old is believed to have been abducted from her Portugal hotel room in 2007, but just who those kidnappers might have been and their actual motive remains an unsolved mystery.

Now authorities have reinvigorated the worldwide search for 'Maddy' and some theorize that her abduction may have been related to a string of robberies in the resort neighborhood where the McCann family was vacationing.

It's possible that young Madeleine McCann could have unwittingly seen or even interrupted a burglary in progress, detectives working the case anew are actively speculating. 

If so, the girl would have been especially vulnerable to the consequences of such a discovery because she and her two infant siblings were left alone that evening while Mr. and Mrs. McCann were dining at a nearby restaurant. 

The McCanns -- frequently the target of suspicion and scorn themselves -- welcome the new theories and interest in the case, having never given up hunting for their daughter and for the criminals who took her away from them.

Investigators have also released new sketches of the potential perp/s involved in Madeleine McCann's disappearance, whilst revising the timeline closer to the precise hour Mrs. McCann found her daughter gone without a trace.

They're refocusing their inquiry mainly on a Caucasian male between 20 and 40 years of age.

The unidentified individual was observed in the area by another tourist from Ireland who said he and his family members noticed a man carrying a blonde-haired child around 10 PM, the same time Maddy's mother was about to return to the hotel to check on her small children.

According to that eyewitness, Martin Smith, 64, the girl he saw being carried from the premises was wearing pajamas and did not appear distressed.

The above information, however, is not all that *new* in reality, having been in the hands of the Portuguese police for almost the entire time Maddy McCann was declared missing.

Smith further claims that the Portuguese police deliberately disregarded his reports because they were fixating instead on a different suspect who later proved to be the wrong man.

With an investigation into the baffling abduction of Madeleine McCann revitalized this week, over 1000 fresh tips have already been phoned in or e-mailed, with two separate people providing the exact same name of the thus far unknown male sought for questioning.

Could a break in this cold case finally be only days away now?

1 comment:

  1. Think the burglary theory is unlikely. Even if burglars had got in, their interest would have been monetary gain, i.e.. things they could sell quickly. Abducting a child would not have been part of their plan and they would have left with with valuables, knowing that a small child would be unlikely to stop them or raise the alarm before they got away. Nothing was reported stolen from the apartment so Madeleine must have been the focus. I, personally, think it was a planned abduction, possibly by someone staying on the site or working there, someone who was aware of the parent's movements each evening and therefore knew when to strike. I'm less convinced that Maddie was sold on, although that is a possibility, but I do think a paedophile ring was involved and whatever happened to Maddie after she was taken is anyone's guess. It would be wonderful to think that she is being looked after by a loving family who were desperate to have a child but I think that's unlikely too, especially with so much focus on the case. However that is just my opinion and, at the moment, there is no proof that she is not alive somewhere.
    I really do hope this new investigation will get results and finally give closure to the McCann family who have had to live with the disappearance of their daughter amidst much negative media and public attention. Like the Jo Bennett case they have been vilified and accused on very little basis except that they had left 3 children under four alone in the apartment for periods of time every evening while they were dining with friends. It was poor judgement on their part, but the focus should now be finding out what really happened to the little girl and catching the culprits who took her.