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Sunday, April 21, 2013


UPDATE - April 18, 2013: R.I.P. Charlie Geurts, missing on January 15 2013 and found "drowned" in Wisconsin's Lake Monona in the city of Madison on April 17, 2013  MORE COMMENTARY HERE  (Post has been bounced to top of blog for ease of commenting.)
UPDATED 1/25/13 - STILL MISSING: Charles Geurts, 26, from Kaukauna Wisconsin was visiting the nearby city of Madison for an agricultural conference. He went missing early in the morning of January 15th after leaving his hotel room at the Sheraton.
Over the past 15 years, this northern U.S. city has become a hot spot for 'Smiley Face' disappearances and drownings of men between the ages of 17 and 30. Not incidentally, for that same length of time the Madison Police Department has shielded amongst its ranks a cop known for especially abusive treatment of young males he perceives to be inebriated.
Badged sociopath, Stephen Heimsness, has been written up a number of times for using excessive force -- beating, tasering, and even shooting to death unarmed and allegedly intoxicated men.
Recently suspended for the wrongful shooting death of 30-year-old Paul Heenan, officer Heimsness was cleared to return to work at the MPD just this month, ominous news for men like Geurts who was last observed to be drinking with friends.
Coincidentally, police say that someone in the neighborhood of the Sheraton Hotel had called the police about "a prowler" in their yard only 20 to 30 minutes after Charles Geurts left the hotel premises. Police say they have a "strong reason to believe" it was the missing young man, but refuse to elaborate on the basis for that hunch.

The MPD did, however, start searching for the 26-year-old almost immediately, which, as most people who follow these cases know, is an unusually swift response to a missing man report...
They have ended those search efforts now, and have also recently begun asserting that Geurts "fell into Lake Monona" and drowned, although this theory too they don't expound upon. As of January 23rd 2013, the MPD has still not released the name or names of the cops who responded to the 911 call on the evening the young man vanished into thin air...or thin ice.

Regardless of who the perps turn out to be, anyone with information about this case should contact the police at 608-266-4275. Charles Geurts is blond-haired, blue-eyed, and approximately six-feet tall and 180 pounds. He was wearing a gray sweatshirt, denim jeans, and boots when last sighted.

In that same now-notorious region Nick Wilcox, 24, still remains missing as well. Wilcox disappeared from downtown Milwaukee while celebrating New Year's eve with his friends. They last saw him being physically removed by bar bouncers for some yet unexplained reason, after which he too vanished in thin air. 

Nick Wilcox is described as a blond-haired, blue-eyed, six-foot-two, 180-pound Caucasian male. He was last seen wearing a gray shirt, dark pants and black shoes. Anyone with any information about this case is urged to contact the Milwaukee police at 414-933-4444, or their Sensitive Crimes Division at 414-935-7403. (Found drowned March 2013)

READ NEXT: An in depth look at the drowning death of actress Natalie Wood in November 1981. The "accidental" ruling in Wood's death has finally been overturned due to the recent determination by LA's county coroner that extensive bruising on the front and back of the victim's body is totally inconsistent with injuries derived in an ordinary ocean drowning. Wood's cold case is in the very early stages of a homicide investigation now, with her husband at the time, actor Robert Wagner, the prime suspect. Christopher Walken was also present the night that Natalie Wood--in the midst of a heated altercation with her soused spouse--disappeared from Wagner's yacht The Splendour. Wagner waited almost two hours after his wife went overboard before calling rescuers, during which time Wood perished. Of the two famous leading men on the luxury vessel that night, only Christopher Walken is cooperating with investigators; Wagner has gone into hiding at his mansion. In my examination of this famous drowning incident, I'll be comparing the Wood "accident" and her autopsy with the "accidental drowning" and autopsy findings of 22-year-old Joshua Swalls. Swalls' body was pulled out of a shallow retention pond in downtown Indianapolis this past November, a full three weeks after he mysteriously vanished. That pond had already been thoroughly searched by tactical divers within only days of his initial disappearance and his body is estimated to have only been in it for about a week...yet police have closed their investigation. How are these two suspicious water fatalities related? (Stay tuned for the answer.)



  1. Charles Geurts and Nick Wilcox not only look similar but their girlfriends also look very similar. This is absolute madness.

    Thank you for bringing attention to these atrocities. Eventually the increased awareness and exposure will bring answers.


    Man in the water story again--this has gotten tedious--do they really expect people to believe that these guys have never seen a frozen river or lake before, drunk or sober?

    Someone in the Madison area, check police records to see which officers responded to the 911 report concerning "a prowler" the MPD believes to have been Geurts. That caller lives near the Sheraton Hotel from which the young man went missing that very same hour.

    Enough already with these cruel hoaxes. If he's in that lake, then whoever attempted to arrest him that night had a little "problem" doing so, and put the body in there to hide the evidence.
    At the very least that's manslaughter and abuse of a corpse. They have to be arrested immediately.

    And thanks for visiting and commenting here, Anonymous. You're right, the two missing men matching the same description is an uncanny coincidence, isn't it?

  3. Wow,have you read about Dylan Boatman? Im on a smartphone right now so it's hard to type at the moment but at footprintsattheriversedge.blogspot.com he is at the top of the page right now. Highly interesting. Sounds like someone spiked his drink too much or he had a bad reaction...he was separated from friends but later found slumped over next to a truck,unconscious. Medics were called but he died. Family awaiting toxicology report. Wish they would have their own tox test performed.
    Im very inclined to think bouncers are involved...what an interesting name...Boatman. It's almost like a game of wordplay. Doesnt it seem that way sometimes? Like the victim is researched ahead of time or,more simply,maybe bouncers have a sick game they play and names are a big part of it. Idk,I sound crazy but since 2008 Ive been following these cases and if you see all the names together...it's almost like a theme. Idk what to think anymore,other than something more than alcohol is involved.

    Oh and the bar that Dylan

  4. The bar Dylan (12/2012) was at was very near to where Dwight Clark was found in 2010.

  5. I was in Whitewater, WI over the past weekend, which I believe is considered a "hotspot" of sorts for these cases. It's only about 45 miles from Madison. Whitewater's downtown is small, and home to your standard college bars/restaurants, but if you stray a mile or so away from there you're in the middle of the woods surrounded by numerous lakes and ponds. Given the lay of the land, the last thing you'd want would do in a sober or drunken state would be to wander away from populated area(s).

    I walked around the downtown, finally passing by stopping by The Hawk's Nest bar where Benjamin Fuder was seen before disappearing and ending up at the bottom of a quarry last summer.

  6. @ Anonymous January 24th: Thanks for your comments--I did indeed glance at the Boatman death. The name of course caught my eye...but I can't remember why I ruled it out as Smiley related. It wasn't just that he didn't drown; there was some other small factors too which, atm, I don't recall. (But I'll look again!)

    @ Turbo: You are right about that--much of Wisconsin falls in the Smiley hot zone, unfortunately. Thanks for providing readers with a firsthand account regarding the "lay of the land" near Whitewater. Doesn't sound too inviting a place for a late night stroll, drunk or sober.

  7. Turbo and E.R.:

    What is also statisically odd, is how close the victim's original hometowns are to each other: Mark Wegener was another Arrowhead High School graduate (Kruziki and Dion were the other two.) We have Luke Homan from Brookfield Central, Tom Hecht from Whitnall High School, and now Nick Wilcox from Kettle Moraine. These schools are all in the same sports conference.

  8. The talk among authorities in Wisconsin is that there appears to be a serial killer working between Wisconsin and Minnesota. As told to me by someone who works for Milwaukee County

  9. @ Anonymous January 26th: Thanks for the scoop. Can you please furnish the names of said authorities? If true, this is an important development and one I'd like to pursue ASAP, because they have historically and emphatically disavowed a serial killer theory.

    For example: "There is no serial killer!" (Chief of police, La Crosse) and "There is no known serial killer who drowns his victims." (FBI) and "Most of these drownings are the result of alcohol and auto-assassination [deathwish/suicide]" (The Center For Homicide Research)...

    As more and more people gradually shift their focus away from a serial killer theory to the role of abusive cops and bouncers instead, it's understandable why officials might want to revive the idea of serial killers.

    But, if they really do believe these deaths are serial murders, then they have a major public safety issue and can't just stand around whispering about it into their coffee mugs. These "authorities" need to alert the FBI immediately. A serial killer, especially one crisscrossing jurisdictions, is a matter that falls within the Bureau's domain.

    >>> goes to get some popcorn and a cold one, whilst waiting for the show to begin <<<

  10. I think sometimes that the names of the victims or the bars have something to do with the murders, but not sure how. Brothers bar seems to come up alot, also names or streets related to water, I also saw Benjamin Fuder was at Hawks Nest bar, and since I am following the New Hope , Pa cases I think one of the drowned individuals was last at a Hawks Nest Bar also. Really strange, but then these cases are very strange

  11. I am from wisconsin.......when my friends and I were im college in the early to mid 90's, drownings were a non issue. I went to see friends frequently at UW campuses in Eau Claire, LaCrosse, Madison and Milwaukee. We always felt safe and i do not remember any drownings occuring at that time.

    It drives me nuts that authorities in WI college towns like LaCrosse seem to treat this as a ho hum everday occurence. Drunk college kids being careless.

    I lived in Oshkosh, WI for years......that campus is literally right on the Fox River and a mile from Lake Winnebago. In the years i lived there, no college kids drowned.

    I mean...following the example of WI authorities, it would stand to reason that Oshkosh would be on the map too? College campus on the water, high level of partying, and "careless kids".

    Aside from 1 drowning jn the last few years, college kids are safe in Oshkosh. Why? Imho because it is not off I-94. It is a long dull drive up 41.

    Still many authorities in WI wont take it serious. MANY people in WI see what is going on and have for years. Im glad there are blogs out there bringing it to everyones attention

  12. @ Anonymous March 17th:

    Same here. My friends and I partied heartily at water, in water and on water, as often as was humanly possible...yet nobody disappeared and drowned. Ever.

    That's what first drew my attention to these cases, naturally.

    Thank you for visiting and for your excellent feedback!


  13. Guerts was found this morning in Lake Monona.

  14. 115 South 9th Street La Crosse, WI

  15. License Plate Number's to be, memorized by.

    Wisconsin UZV-330 White Van
    Wisconsin HF-5856 Gold Van
    Wisconsin 698-MBC Crown Victoria
    Wisconsin 512-KNX Multi-Colored Van w/ Topper
    Wisconsin 543-LNC Sky Blue Buick
    Wisconsin 536-HWA White Van
    Wisconsin KC1001 White Van

    If you want a hypothesis, I'd be happy to elaborate.

  16. sure give me a hypothesis. put it new cases though. may not be back at this one