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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Family of Nick Wilcox Insists He was Murdered

Milwaukee's police insist Nick Wilcox "slipped" into the river and "accidentally drowned" after bouncers dragged him from a bar on New Year's day and he went missing for three months.
They've told his family he walked over there to "relieve himself" and "fell" in.

But "I don't believe that," Wilcox's father says. "I knew him. He would not do that...What was he doing over there? None of this makes any sense."

"While the rate of police officers officially charged with murder is only 1.06% higher than the current general population's murder rate, if excessive force complaints involving fatalities were prosecuted as murder the murder rate for law enforcement officers would exceed the general population murder rate by 472%." -  Cato Institute, which ranks Milwaukee's police force among the top twenty most violent and criminal in the nation.


  1. more publicity from onmilwaukee.com ...


    about time!!

  2. Sadly, that article's rascist slant continues to mislead the public into believing it's only "white men" disappearing and drowning:

    Franco Garcia, Massachusetts, was not a "white man"...

    Harsha Maddula, Illinois, was not a "white man"...

    Jack Culolias, Arizona, was not a "white man"...

    Manuel Geuvara, Pennsylvania, was not a "white man"...

    Damien Sewell, Wisconsin, was not a "white man"...

    Devon Minor, Pennsylvania, was not a "white man"...

    Alan Lin, California, was not a "white man"...

    Willie Jagba, Arizona, was not a "white man"...

    Jelani Brinson, Minnesota, was not a "white man"...

    Ezra Milan, Maine, was not a "white man"...

    Souvik Pal, Manchester UK, was not a "white man"...

    Scott Radel, Minnesota, was not a "white man"...

    Kenji Ohmi, Wisconsin, was not a "white man"...


    The drowning deaths of these young men of other races besides Caucasian matter too, and they are being discounted solely because the color of their skin doesn't fit the Smiley Face Killer tale.

    Also, that men of every race are only drowning in Wisconsin, as can clearly be seen from the abbreviated list above, is false as well.

  3. They did admit Brinson was murdered so it is not like every single local law enforcement agency is misleading the public and at times outright lying,but many of them are. ot all of them seem to recognize the reason a shoe or other item is not in the water with the victim is because it got lost during an altercation or while the body was being dragged to the water.

  4. If you are a bouncer or a cop and you want to teach a young man a lesson you may find you are in over your head during the struggle and so you get your victim in a choke hold,thus killing them by cutting their oxygen off and disposing them in the water.

    1. Yes, with an arm or a baton, such expert holds can suffocate a person as opposed to subdue.

      Also, people underestimate the damage a bare fist or 'shod foot' can cause. For instance, whether trained or not, if one strikes a person's nose swiftly and in a particular place it can not only shatter delicate bones and cartilage but send those pieces straight into the brain, killing them instantly.

      Similarly, if a victim's got a 'glass jaw' then hitting them there can kill them as well, or render them so unresponsive they might be mistaken for dead.

      A well-delivered punch or kick to the chest can literally stop someone's heart; dealt to the diaphragm this can so drastically impair breathing function as to cause both respiratory and heart failure.

      Placing a knee on the area of the diaphragm will slowly have the same effect if a victim is not thereafter rushed for medical treatment. Indeed, this is believed to be what happened in the Milwaukee cop killing of Derek Williams.

      Finally, tasers, marketed by manufacturers as 'nonlethal' weaponry, are anything but nonlethal in the hands of the untrained or those deliberately misusing them. Death by police tasering is on the rise, and this is why Amnesty International has flagged this law enforcement tool worldwide. They also have documented instances where the devices were actually used as instruments of torture.

    2. Rox,I get a weekly magazine titled "Indian country weekly" There is a featured story of 3 navajo men...."that operate in in the upper midwest,the native mod is a regional gang of native american's that sprang up in Minneapolis in the 1990's but has since grown to an estimated 200 members who engage in drug trafficking,assault,robbery and murder. Most memnber's are recruited from communities with large native american populations" "They protect their enterprise by committing acts of violoence against competitors,victims and witnesses" I am assuming this is off of the reservation? Didn't someone,in one of the posts on here,mention native american's doing some of this? I am native and went onto defend my tribe,but reading this,struck a cord? Julie

  5. There has been speculation of Native American involvement by some .I think this is because some wonder if it was symbolic belongings of victims in LaCrosse kept showing up at the indian statue. Also because of some graffitti found about killing the white man,but no one can be sure that is even related to any victims. Israel keyes lived with the Indians and we know now he was serial killer and had victims ,some of which LE callled accidental deaths.

  6. What about the Eagle connection that a lot of these cases have had. Have you noticed that?

    e.g. Franco Garcia went to BC- mascot is the Eagle
    multiple of the guys were Eagle scouts
    There were other Eagle connections that I am not remembering right now.

    Or what about how very religious so many of the families are. Do you have any thoughts on that?

    EPONYMOUS ROX,I'd like to email you, trying to find an email address for you.

  7. I see an awful lot of reaching going on here. You owe it to yourself to be honest in your appraisals and not stretch to make something fit. Nick Wilcox's family are being irrational to suggest he would never relieve himself in the river. When you're drunk with a full bladder, you go wherever you can.

  8. 04/25/13 @ 10pm WTMJ 4 in Milwaukee is going to be doing a story on the news about the Milwaukee disappearances/bodies found in the river.

  9. Justice ForDamien SewellFebruary 22, 2014 at 9:03 AM

    Damien Sewell is my son and he was a proud member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma. I ask of anyone that has any information about what happen to Damien please I ask you to call Juneau County police department and ask for Detective Jorgensen. I will continue to seek justice for my son. 405-651-2694 Thank You and for the families who have a missing child my heart goes out to you as well as my prayers' May God Bless You.