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Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Blasts on Tax Day Look to be the Work Of Suicide Bombers

Should taxpayers demand a refund from Homeland Security?

4/16: early morning search warrants issued in Boston burb of Revere
4/16: Injured mounting: nearly 180 hospitalized now; many critical

Explosions going off in a crowded square, shrapnel flying, limbs severed, a blood bath...this sounds like a suicide bombing in some war torn country like Afghanistan or Iraq.

But it's not, it's Boston, on one of its busiest days of the year: The annual running of the Boston Marathon.

Once again, after a long lull, the terrorists--whoever these prove to be--have brought the battle home to America. In the present attack, apparently waiting to trip their bombs until all the professional runners from other countries had finished racing. 

No doubt, so the message of hate being delivered wouldn't be misconstrued or weakened.

Investigators from city, state, and federal agencies are now busy trying to piece together the crime scene in one of the nation's largest and most prosperous municipalities. But the truth is they haven't a clue who actually set off these blasts, or why they might have done so. 

And, sadly, since the United States has acquired so many deadly enemies over the past few decades, officials hesitate to even speculate as to who may be to blame.

In the process of searching for all the answers and trying to secure a frightened city as well as the terrified country itself, yet more incendiary devices have been dismantled, Boston's police now state. These found in various other locations.

However, despite earlier media reports, officials still insist there is no one actually in police custody, and nobody has claimed responsibility for the deed, either.

In the name of homeland security and the war on terrorism, an awful lot of money has been appropriated from the public, ostensibly to safeguard them from just this type of cruelty and carnage. In the process, constitutional liberties were sytematically undermined, a necessity, our elected representatives assured us...

But this event shows it was all largely for naught. Three citizens are dead, one of them an eight-year-old child, and about 150 more victims are currently in hospitals, a great many of these having had their mangled arms and/or legs amputated. 

People are still missing, others may yet die or already be dead, and survivors' lives are forever destroyed.

Why weren't these Americans safe? Why weren't they protected?

Boston mayor's Hotline for victims' families: 617-635-4500
Boston police department's tip line for witnesses: 800-494-8477
ALERT: U.S. citizens are warned to use extra
caution in crowds and near trash receptacles

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