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Sunday, August 4, 2013

PERMITTED TO OFFEND: George Zimmerman and FBI Informants

What Criminal Justice System?

George Zimmerman, barely acquitted one month for the coldblooded killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, promptly and predictably reoffends and isn't arrested; while his criminally-bent counterparts secretly employed as FBI informants are also permitted to be fulltime miscreants.
In fact, the FBI now shamelessly admits that they've given thousands of prize stool pigeons carte blanche to commit thousands of crimes annually, even supervising these illegal acts which they then have the balls to describe as "tightly controlled" and "situational."
In 2011 alone a reported 5,658 assorted misdeeds -- 15 per day -- were allowed by the nation's highest law enforcement agency, which lays claim to a stable of at least 15,000 snitches at any given time, all of them free to rob and rape at their leisure.
Yet it's innocent citizens, with no records at all, whose e-mails are being searched by the NSA, whose letters are being photographed by the U.S. Post Office, whose license plates are being scanned by local police departments, whose phone calls are being listened in on by Big Brother...
Why aren't our hotshot cops actually protecting us?
How can a magistrate's son with a history of violence and his fellow felons get away with so much mayhem and murder?
Who broke the criminal justice system?
And when can we expect it to be fixed again?


  1. like your tag >state sponsored terror< cos that is the truth

  2. Self-defense is not a crime, unless you would contend that one should permit their head to be beat into the ground and not return in kind to stop the assault. As usual, the mischaracterizations at the first Gather article are spouted endlessly.

  3. Following a boy and grabbing him is def a crime. Murder not selfdefense.

  4. Trayvon was being pursued by a man he did not know. No matter if Zimmerman was getting the worse of it or not He was fair game the moment he decided to follow Trayvon and then on top of that not even identify himself. his is supposed to be a free country but its really not if people can chase you through a neighborhood like that and then use a gun when you are trying to confront or run from a potential threat. either way George is in the wrong except to people who do not really believe in freedom