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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saudi Suspect in Warrensburg Murder Mysteriously Freed

A Saudi national charged for the Warrensburg murder of Blaine Whitworth was just released from a Missouri jail where he has been held since the September 2012 slaying of the 25-year-old local bar owner.
Saudi national Ziyad Abid
Ziyad Abid, 24, was in the Warrensburg area on a student visa and, like a few of his infamous Saudi compatriots, also had a fascination with flying -- he was studying aviation at the University of Central Missouri so he too could become a pilot.
Accused of hiring hitman Reginald Singletary to shoot Whitworth to death in front of his home last year, inmate Abid's sudden release from jail yesterday follows on the heels of an equally surprising visit to Warrensburg, MO by Barack Obama at the tail end of July.
Shortly thereafter prosecutors mysteriously dropped all charges against Abid, in a carefully worded statement declaring that "our understanding of evidence previously obtained from a critical witness has changed. As a result, the state is currently left without sufficient evidence to support the prosecution at this time."
No further details were provided by officials and phone calls requesting legal clarification were not returned.
The Warrensburg murder first made national headlines when Saudi-born suspect Abid was denied bail. Then, when finally granted it on appeal, the $2-million bond was paid for by his country via a wire transfer and that payment swiftly rejected by the judge.
In its refusal, the court stated it was concerned about the source of the money and understandably viewed the foreign defendant as a probable flight risk.
Boston bomber suspect Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi
Ziyad Abid's case, particularly the secretive nature of his absolution from charges of premeditated homicide, mirrors the events that took place in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing this past spring.
In that controversy, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, a Saudi national in his twenties, was sought and detained by police for his role in the terror plot, only to be quietly released from custody days after amid public protest and hazy assertions of his 'innocence.'
Alharbi has close familial ties with a number of well known Saudi terrorists; it is believed he's since fled the United States for his homeland and affluent tribe.
The American government's dubious relationship with Saudi Arabia, and its frequent intervention on behalf of that oil-rich kingdom's nationals who stand accused of committing heinous crimes on our shores, has justifiably fallen under scrutiny since 9/11.
After all, almost every single one of the hijackers responsible for that unprecedented terrorist attack in 2001 were Saudi citizens. None were actually from later-bombed Afghanistan or Iraq.
And, just like Ziyad Abid, these wealthy young Saudis were all here on student visas too, learning how to navigate big planes into tall buildings.
The current whereabouts of aviator Abid remains unknown today...


  1. Obummer sucks and these arabian rats are no princes but 911 was a hoax.

    1. Makes it a whole lot easier to justify a police state, don't it, with all these bogeymen around every corner.

  2. Yes. Still,there are many uninformed people who fall for this.

  3. This is a ridiculous article. There was no evidence against Ziyad Abid other than the word of Reginald Singletary, who changed his story several times.

    Obama was in town from roughly 4:15 pm (touching down at Whiteman Air Force Base) and returned around 6:00 pm (fox 4 had the camera on the flight line as he boarded and left the Air Force Base).

    If Obama wanted to free Ziyad Abid, he merely had to make a call- not come all the way to Warrensburg, give a phony speech, and then leave without even stopping by the jail. It's a ridiculous notion.

    The Missouri Attorney General's office had been investigating this case for 4 weeks. Even if Obama had not come (to speak about the Missouri Innovative Campus- google it), and to stop by Whiteman AFB which houses all of the US' B2 bombers which have been integral in the N. Korea conflict in the past few months, this decision was going to happen anyway. Abid's attorney is a snake and has been filing motion after appeal after motion. The judge denied bond, even though Missouri says he has to be guaranteed bond.

    The case was a freaking mess, and he probably would have been acquitted due to lack of evidence anyway.

  4. He ordered it to happen. Anyone who knew the situation knows why. It was an open and shut case involving Blaine's refusal to sell his bar and Abid's anger at being told no. Do you think he would have liked some lowly white boy having more control? No!!! Singletary didn't stand to gain by confessing to murder but saying, "well, this guy was gonna pay me." Get real. The only thing you are right about is Obama not visiting to have him released. I'll give you that.