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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Alaska serial killer Israel Keyes update

Feds hike body-count of Alaska serial killer Israel Keyes

The death toll has risen to nearly a dozen confirmed slayings now, but the investigation into the deceased serial murderer's trail of blood is hardly closed, FBI spokesmen announced today.
Alaska serial killer Israel KeyesThe Bureau has also provided a revised travel timeline for the highly mobile killer Keyes, and their new one not only ominously stretches overseas, it's interactive.

Many of the thus-far nameless victims being sought by authorities were gradually hinted at by Keyes himself while incarcerated for the rape, murder and dismemberment of Alaskan teen Samantha Koenig in 2012.

But he killed himself in his jail cell before agents could extract the precise details of his decade-long murder spree.

So once again they're asking for the public's aid in identifying and locating victims of the Alaska serial killer.

You can read all about this fiendish "murder addict" and his numerous misdeeds in my original coverage below (last updated 12/12/12). Use the search box for additional references, including the case of Colin Gillis, still listed as missing from Keyes' neck of the woods in upstate NY. 

FBI requests public’s help with
dead serial killer, Israel Keyes
He is proving to be one of the most criminally insane serial killers of all time, with an unprecedented crime spree that includes rape, murder, dismemberment, arson, and bank robbery.
A page from Israel Keyes suicide letter

But, thankfully, Israel Keyes’ decade-long, cross-country reign of terror, which even involved burying caches of weapons, money and other materials for preplanned homicides, has officially come to an end this winter:

He committed suicide in an Alaskan jail the first week of December 2012, leaving behind a blood-soaked note currently being analyzed by the FBI. >

In so doing, Keyes executed his last sadistic act on humanity, slamming the door forever on a tenuous and terrible dialog investigators had necessarily established with him while he was in custody awaiting trial for brutally slaying a teenage girl in Alaska.

It was an arduous process getting the 34-year-old psychopath to come clean about his crimes, and throughout these interviews Keyes displayed a distinctly unfunny sense of humor which agents had feigned to be entertained by, in hopes of extracting from Keyes all the locations, names and details of his unknown victims.

But they didn’t succeed at this gruesome task in time. 

Felonies for fun 

Israel Keyes was a trained U.S. soldier in the 1990s stationed at some point in the Middle East, and when he finally returned from his tour of duty he set himself up first as a handyman and later as a construction contractor, cunningly inventing a cover for cruelties he would keep well-hidden from his wife, child, friends and neighbors.

In the construction industry he had an ideal profession, one that would give him the perfect excuse for traveling the countryside at length in search of unlucky individuals and couples to torture and kill.

It was a double life Keyes had led up until his capture in 2012; an elaborate ruse he "enjoyed" immensely within which he was able to make every state in the Union his hunting ground, and every kind of American citizen his game.

And in his capacity as a self-styled, roving serial murderer, Keyes was to be indiscriminate; he killed females, he killed males, he killed the old and the young. 

Madness to his methods 

Although Keyes was classified as an 'organized' serial murderer for his coolheaded, coldblooded criminology, at the time he was apprehended by authorities he was already descending into killer chaos of the “disorganized” variety: Targeting pairs and couples for prey, and breaking his own rules in obtaining these hard-to-get victims by killing on his home turf, using his own vehicle, and stealing victims’ credit cards to fund his adventures and travels.

This is how he got himself snared, fortunately, and it’s not that uncommon either—crafty Ted Bundy’s mental faculties also rapidly deteriorated toward the end, until he was killing solely by maniacal compulsion and leaving at his crime scenes a long and bloody trail.

Bundy too had started spilling the beans while he was incarcerated and facing death in the electric chair, and it’s believed that he did, by his last breath, tell investigators everything. More or less without the kind of exaggerations that some of his ilk are wont to do once they’re thrust into the spotlight.

Israel Keyes studied up on the likes of Bundy, he told his interrogators, but he also made it very clear to them that he was nobody’s copycat.

The chilling kills he did admit to doing show such boasts might just be true.

However, Keyes did not tell all before he expired, and, rest assured, those awful murders which he did confess to committing were not the embellished accounts or fabrications of a delusional madman perversely seeking adulation. Each and every one of these have so far been corroborated in follow ups by police. Right down to the minutest detail.

But there’s much more that Keyes had alluded to in his final days, and he was ever so slowly revealing the course of these hellish journeys and acts he undertook, before his cowardly end left investigators hanging.

So the FBI is now urgently requesting the public’s assistance in solving the half-told horrors Israel Keyes committed as he drove and flew from state to state, deliberately targeting remote areas such as campsites, boat launches, and parks to lurk in and kill. 

An urgent appeal from the FBI: 

"Mary Rook, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for the state of Alaska, requests the public’s assistance in developing information concerning the travels of suspected serial killer Israel Keyes, deceased, in order to identify additional victims. Anyone with information concerning Keyes is encouraged to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

"Based upon investigation conducted following his arrest in March 2012, Israel Keyes is believed to have committed multiple kidnappings and murders across the country between 2001 and March 2012. Keyes lived in Washington from 2001 to March 2007, at which time he moved to Alaska. While living in Alaska, Keyes worked as a general contractor but traveled extensively. In a series of interviews with law enforcement, Keyes described significant planning and preparation for his murders, reflecting a meticulous and organized approach to his crimes. It was not unusual for Keyes to fly into an airport, rent a car, and drive hundreds of miles to his final destination. This was the case in the murder of Bill and Loraine Currier, where Keyes flew into Chicago, rented a car, and drove across several states before arriving in Essex, Vermont. After the murder of the Curriers, Keyes continued his travels on the east coast before returning to Chicago and then to Alaska.

"Keyes admitted responsibility for robbing several banks during this timeframe, two of which investigators have corroborated. Keyes used the proceeds from his bank robberies to pay for his travel, along with money he made as a general contractor. Keyes also admitted traveling to various locations to leave supplies he planned to use in a future crime. Keyes buried caches throughout the United States. The FBI has recovered two caches buried by Keyes—one in Eagle River, Alaska, and one near Blakes Falls Reservoir in New York. The caches contained weapons and other items used to dispose of bodies. Keyes indicated the other caches he buried throughout the U.S. contain weapons, money, and items used to dispose of victims.

“Investigators believe that Keyes did not know any of his victims prior to their abductions. He described several remote locations that he frequented to look for victims—parks, campgrounds, trailheads, cemeteries, boating areas, etc. Keyes also told investigators that prior to the Currier case, his victims’ disappearances received little if any media coverage. Based on his own research, Keyes stated that one of his victims has been recovered but authorities ruled the death accidental. Investigators have not identified this victim or where this crime occurred.

"Keyes admitted to murdering four people in Washington; he killed two people (independent of each other) sometime during 2005 and 2006 and murdered a couple in Washington between 2001 and 2005. It is unknown if these victims were residents of Washington or if they were vacationing in Washington but resided in another state. It is also possible Keyes abducted them from a nearby state and transported them to Washington.

"Additionally, Keyes admitted to investigators that in 2009 he murdered a victim on the east coast and disposed of the body in New York State. Based on Keyes’ statements, investigators believe Keyes abducted the victim from a surrounding state and transported him/her to New York.

"The timeline below is an outline of Keyes’ travels and whereabouts throughout the United States from 2001 to present. Due to Keyes’ pattern of traveling significant distances by car, the locations are grouped by region rather than specific states." 

  ·         October 5, 2004 to October 16, 2004: Eastern US
·         April 20, 2005 to April 25, 2005: Washington, British Columbia
·         May 10, 2006 to May 15, 2006: Western US
·         September 1, 2006 to September 7, 2006: Alaska
·         October 21, 2006 to October 23, 2006: Western US, Mexico
·         November 8, 2006 to November 16, 2006: Alaska
·         February 5, 2007 to February 8, 2007: Southwest US
·         March 1, 2007 to March 9, 2007: Washington, Canada (drove to Alaska)
·         April 24, 2007 to May 4, 2007: Western US, Mexico
·         August 26, 2007 to September 6, 2007: Western US
·         October 29, 2007 to November 2, 2007: Western US
·         November 12, 2007 to November 13, 2007: Western US
·         12/April 2007 to 12/17/2007: Midwest and Western US
·         01/May, 2008 to 01/08/2008: Western US
·         01/28/2008 to 02/15/2008: Southern U.S. and Western US
·         May, 11/2008 to May, 17/2008: Western US
·         07/03/2008 to 07/07/2008: Western US
·         09/16/2008 to 09/24/2008: Western US
·         October 24/2008 to November 5, 2008: Southwest US, Midwest U.S. and Western US
·         December 5, 2008 to December 7, 2008: Hawaii
·         December 11, 2008 to December 25, 2008: Mexico
·         February 23, 2009 to February 27, 2009: Western US
·         April 1, 2009 to April 14, 2009: Eastern US, Western US
·         09/11/2009 to October 03/2009: Southern US
·         December 17, 2009 to December 29, 2009: Southern US
·         January 11, 2010 to February 25, 2010: Western US
·         March 1, 2010 to March 10, 2010: Western US
·         April 24, 2010 to April 30, 2010: Western US
·         May 19, 2010 to July 18, 2010: Midwest U.S. and Western US
·         July 18, 2010 to July 22, 2010: Southwest US
·         October 15, 2010 to October 25, 2010: Midwest US, Eastern US
·         June 2, 2011 to June 16, 2011: Midwest US, Eastern US
·         September 15, 2011 to September 25, 2011: Western US
·         February 2, 2012 to February 18, 2012: Southern US
·         March 6, 2012 to March 13, 2012: Southwestern and Southern US

If you have information contact 1-800-CALL-FBI.
Posted 12/3/12 by: FBI Anchorage,
Special Agent Eric Gonzalez (907) 276-4441


  1. I wonder if Pat Brown the criminal profiler considers him a ficticous killer.

    Serial killers, Brown said, "just don't work that way."

    For one thing, she says, sociopaths probably wouldn't work that hard, traveling to several states to find victims.

    1. Personally I never put much faith in the opinions of Pat Brown. There were many serial killers who travelled to different states to search for victims. Their goal was to not be suspected so they could continue killing. Sadly these serial killers are very good at what they do. While Ted Bundy may be one of the most prolific serial killers of our time, he was hardly the only cross country serial killer.

  2. Me either. You have to have all the data before you can say what killers are apt to do. why should we even believe they catch enough serial killers to have enough data? Even people who kill in the same neighborhood often go undetected. In fact serial killer experts believe there are a lot of them killing at any given time and most of them are not being detected.