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Friday, October 3, 2014

TEXAS EBOLA OUTBREAK: Liberian Deliberately Infected US

While the Texas Ebola outbreak predictably begins to spread, experts worldwide still insist the virus is "not airborne." Of course, if all it need do is quietly board an airplane, then those assurances don't amount to very much...

This week we've learned that's precisely what happened here: A Liberian man from an Ebola-ravaged neighborhood in Ebola-ravaged Liberia, who knew darn well he'd infected himself with the deadly contagious disease, lied to airport authorities so he could take a flight out of his country and into the United States.

Destination Dallas.


Now, already a hundred citizens who "may" have come in contact with this guy are on high alert, with at least a handful of those, likely to be symptomatic "any day" themselves, locked in their homes via a police-enforced quarantine.

Little doubt worried onlookers watching that scary/bizarre spectacle will think twice about reporting their own symptoms, should they develop. And, by the way, that's how a contagion gets a stranglehold on a population and then rapidly spreads beyond.

Outraged officials in Liberia responding to the Texas Ebola outbreak stated today they intend to prosecute the man ASAP. But that's going to be easier said than done, as he's currently in hospital fighting for his life and not in the traveling mood anymore.

What do you think? Did this lying Liberian simply come to America for fear that otherwise he would die in his Ebola beleaguered homeland, just like everyone else he knew there? Or was this a cold, calculating act of bio-terrorism?


1 comment:

  1. I'm not going with the conspiracy theory...I just think he wanted to get the best care possible. A lot of good that did him since he croaked yesterday (apparently not given the more effective antiviral (Zmapp) as opposed to the more experimental drug administered (brincidofovir)