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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jenner and Dolezal: Vanity Fair for the Gander But Not for the Goose

Bruce Jenner and Rachel Dolezal have each made the news this month for their spectacular quick-changes, but each has pending legal matters to attend to as well:

For Mr. Jenner, who was sued in May for vehicular manslaughter by the relatives of his victim, that crime and its resulting litigation has been overlooked by the media, in an effort to laud him now as the world's "most courageous woman."

It seems all he had to do to achieve such a *credible* switchover besides picking a more girlish-sounding name, was slap on 10-pounds of makeup and some skimpy lingerie ... then hide his man-sized mitts behind his back during his photo shoot for the cover of Vanity Fair.

The 65-year-old will also have to take female hormones for the rest of his life, and, somewhere down the yellow-brick road he's traveling, undergo surgical alteration.

For Caucasian-born Dolezal, however, whose choice to convert to being *black* requires merely a tan and a perm, applause from the political-correct press has been noticeably lacking, and accolades nonexistent.

Indeed, although she identifies as strongly with being African American as Jenner supposedly identifies with being female, Dolezal's gotten nothing but ridicule and accusations of "identity fraud," a prejudicial treatment which is, unto itself, a total crime.

But even before that so called "black-face" scandal blew up in her white face this week, the former head of Spokane's NAACP chapter was already embroiled in a criminal matter that would have had her testifying against her accused child-molesting older brother.

Attempting to thwart Rachel Dolezal from making that courtroom appearance is reportedly what lies behind her estranged family's sudden urge to publicly out her as a nonblack citizen, of course.

Now, as a result of their unorthodox strategy, she may face charges herself for failing to properly fill in certain blanks on job applications which compelled her to fully disclose what race she really is.

Hmmm ... is it actually legal for prospective employers to ask questions like that? 

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