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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Disappearance and Drowning of Henry McCabe

Long missing Minnesota tax auditor Henry McCabe (below) has been found drowned this week, two months after leaving a desperate voice-mail with relatives containing screams and growls.

 On Monday, a kayaker discovered Mr. McCabe’s body in Rush Lake, some distance from where the 32-year-old had been dropped off -- and promptly vanished -- after a night out with his friends.

Searchers have acknowledged they previously scoured that same area and found nothing. However, a law enforcement official said yesterday that the victim appeared to have been in the water “for quite some time.”

Henry McCabe was a salaried employee of Minnesota’s Department of Revenue and is survived by a wife and two young children.

Despite Mr. McCabe's bizarre missing persons case -- and his frightened two-minute message begging for help -- police are now suggesting there's “nothing suspicious” about his disappearance and non-recreational drowning…

Read my original missing persons report for Crime Magazine below:


The Henry McCabe missing persons case has taken a scary turn in Minnesota this week:

The 31-year-old Department of Revenue auditor mysteriously vanished almost a month ago during a night out with a friend.

He hasn’t been seen or heard from since then, but, this week, a voicemail recording from that evening has surfaced … and it’s a total fright:

The troubling call, which was placed from McCabe’s cell phone at 2:30 in the morning of September 7th, contains about 2-minutes of screams, growls and moans, then is punctuated with a few seconds of silence before someone says “stop it.”

The growls turn into high pitch moans, like he's moaning in pain,” an individual familiar with the Henry McCabe investigation and his last known voicemail message stated yesterday.

A police spokesman also told reporters that the FBI is now analyzing the recording.

Investigators believe this final call originated from the vicinity of Rice Creek Park which borders on the Mounds View and New Brighton communities, although a wide-scale search there produced no evidence.

Because that district isn’t where McCabe’s acquaintance reportedly dropped him off, loved ones of the missing man have expressed some doubts about the accuracy -- or truthfulness -- of this person’s account.

McCabe allegedly left a Spring Lake Park nightclub with his unnamed friend, who subsequently left him at a convenience store in Fridley.

The still-missing man is married with children and lives in Mounds View with his family. The Mounds View Police Department is therefore heading up the investigation into his disappearance and urges anyone with info about it to contact them at 763-717-4070.

The Fridley Police Department has also joined forces with the MVPD in an effort to solve Mr. McCabe’s missing persons case -- FPD detectives can be reached at 763-572-3629.

1 comment:

  1. Loved ones of missing/drowned tax auditor Henry McCabe do not believe his death was an accident:

    “My brother was found in Rush Lake. I believe he was murdered.”

    “I want justice for my husband. Someone did this to him.”