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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Missing Adrian Lynch Found Drowned 9 Months Later

The body of long missing UK man Adrian Lynch has finally been found this month in a body of water previously scoured by divers using sonar.

The 20-year-old electrician disappeared from the island of Jersey in early December of 2015, after leaving a Christmas work party by taxi, shortly after midnight.

Lynch was later captured by surveillance cameras (and witnessed) heading on foot for his home located about a mile away from where the cab driver dropped him off.

An exhaustive months-long search for the missing youth officially ended in February 2016. It only produced his wallet and a coiled belt.

Then, this August, a passerby spotted semi-submerged human remains in a reservoir close to where Adrian Lynch was last seen alive and contacted authorities who retrieved the corpse.

Lynch's passport was reportedly found in a pocket of the victim's jacket.

The reservoir where he is thought to have drowned was well inside the "high priority" search area that police established during their multi-agency investigation of his missing-persons case.

His body wasn't there when those waters were searched last winter -- and, had it been, it would have surfaced by springtime when warming temperatures triggered decomposition and refloat.

A postmortem exam revealed that young Lynch suffered "no traumatic" injuries when he died such as might imply "third party" involvement or foul play.

Nevertheless, the coroner was unable to pinpoint his actual cause and manner of death.

The unexplained disappearance of Adrian Lynch is presented in the new and expanded edition of The Case of the Drowning Men, complete with photographs. Jersey officials have indicated their investigation into the matter is still active.

Eponymous Rox


  1. NOTE: Adrian Lynch's cell phone was reportedly also discovered in an area of St. Lawrence where he was last sighted alive during the predawn hours of December 5, 2015. Some eyewitnesses passing through the neighborhood either on foot or by car that morning have never been identified or questioned. Anyone with information about this young man's unsolved disappearance and death is urged to contact the UK police at 612612, or notify Crime Stoppers at 0800555111.

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  2. I feel that Adrian Lynch has a strong will spirit and it is not at rest, as his energy is now roaming around for justice and sometime the dead can come back with out even being called up and take the person back with them that damage their body so bad that their soul had to move on out of the flesh .I see a boat by the river in my mind as my insight travel through clear and muddy water as I see very thick high grass and a middle age white male a very good diver wait for some one young death but usually it likes young handsome and built fit males as death surrounds this person and he is not alone in finding victims like he is in a cult .The CCTV SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE of course will be no problem for them to tamper with and why do SMILEY always take all the blame , when there is other killers on the path also .