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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Odd Drownings & Drowning Odds

Mishaps or Murders?

Since the mid 1990's the drowning men phenomena has become the norm in America's northern corridor, with literally hundreds of these cold-water fatalities tallied up so far...and stll counting.

Police don't think it's weird that young men are drowning on their way home at night in wintertime. They insist, over and over again, that it's just the natural byproduct of young men and too much alcohol. They're not alarmed by these statistics.

But, statistically speaking, just how common is it to perish in water? What exactly are the odds of death by accidental drowning?

The odds that a male or female will die during water recreational activities, any time of the year, are surprisingly slim, with or without consuming alcohol--of the many, many millions of people who engage in boating and swimming annually, approximately only 1 in 84,000 of them will actually drown.

The odds of a person of either sex and any age dying in freshwater are even slimmer than that, with only 1 in 186,000 such fatalities occurring each year.

And the odds of falling into a body of water and drowning is virtually impossible, the statistics assure us. Only 1 in 720,000 people, drunk or sober, will die in this unlikely manner.

The odds of being murdered in any given year?

Significantly higher, unfortunately. Nearly 1 in 19,000 people will die every year as a result of foul play.

* Numbers rounded - Source = Book Of Odds / Accidents & Deaths / Death Rates / Annual

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