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Saturday, February 23, 2013


UPDATE 3/21/13: Jacb Samusenko disappearance and drowning
"accidental" coroner says.  READ FULL NEWS STORY HERE 

UPDATE February 26, 2013: Still no leads in either the Samusenko or Shipowski disappearances, and now a third teenage male has gone missing from Pennsylvania. (More updates in the comment section.)
UPDATE February 27th 2013: CHRIS KING, 19, HAS BEEN FOUND - King vanished from Bensalem PA sometime in late afternoon on the 21st of February. A 2012 graduate of Neshaminy High School, he is believed to have been located safe in neighboring Philly.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 23, 2013: Police claim they have lots of "theories, but no new leads" in the Jacob Samusenko disappearance. And now a second Pennsylvania youth -- Kade Shipowski age 17 -- has also gone missing...read more in the comment section.

ALERT: Jacob Samusenko, 17 from Erie Pennsylvania, went missing from his neighborhood on the afternoon of January 29th 2013. He was last seen taking the garbage out dressed in athletic wear. His family believes he may have decided to go for a quick walk or  jog, but no one has seen or heard from him since.
An anonymous stranger is now aiding the Samusenko's search efforts by offering a $10,000 reward for the youth's return. Jake Samusenko is described as five-foot-five and 130 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Samusenko is a very responsible and mature young man and his long absence, especially without communication, is uncharacteristic. Erie police ask that anyone with information call them at 814-870-1120


  1. UPDATE: February 23rd 2013:

    Police say they are exploring many different theories as to what happened to 17-year-old Jacob Samusenko--from the possibility he may have voluntarily left "a strict" household, to the worse case scenario that he was abducted.

    They also announced this week they have "no new leads" and really don't have any idea where the high school honor student is.

    Samusenko has been missing almost a month now and was reportedly last seen in front of his parents' home taking out the trash. An avid runner, he was wearing track clothes when he vanished.

    Search parties, made up of only family and community members, have been routinely scouring the neighborhood for clues to Samusenko's whereabouts, including all the places he would normally walk or jog in, but have found nothing to date.

    The family's generous reward for the boy's safe return is still standing and the FBI has also become involved in his missing person case.

    Jacob Samusenko is one of two youths who recently went missing from the state of Pennsylvania. This February Kade Shipowski, also 17, disappeared too.

    Although Shipkowski's last known address was apparently a juvenile detention center and he may in fact be a runaway, the teen could still be in danger so his loved ones and local authorities are both investigating the circumstances of exactly how and why he left the facility.

    So far, though, they havn't found the answer.

    (More updates to these two cases, if any, will be added in this section.)


  2. I have a gut feeling these boys are alive. Do the police make any connection between them? It seems strange they both went missing within the same time frame... I honestly wonder if this has something to do with human trafficing. The turnpike runs straight through PA and it could be someone posing as a truck driver or the like. The FBI seems to know that this is going on (a few have been shut down) but no warnings have been provided to the people who may have children endangered by these type of people in the areas where they are snatching these kids. I have shared the stories on facebook and I'll continue to communicate any information that I can to get the word out. I have a son that's nearly their age and it's very heartbreaking.

    1. Jake was found dead 2 nights ago and there is no connection between Jake and the other kid. Jake was killed by a serial killer.

    2. He was found drowned in the bay. It has been ruled accidental and there is no evidence of a serial killer. Don't spread rumors of things you have no idea.

  3. @ Anonymous - Yes, definitely a flare up; not sure what's going on or if they are indeed related somehow. Here's a new case I'm putting out the alert for:

    ALERT: Chris King, 19, disappeared from the town of Bensalem at approximately 4PM on February 21st, reportedly soon afer leaving a "local treatment center."

    King is about six-feet tall and 170 pounds with dark hair and brown eyes. He is a recent grad of Neshaminy High School and his mother is an employee of that same school district, so any info about this case can be relayed to her at 215-809-6220.

    Authorities are also aware of King's circumstances now and they urge anyone with information at all to contact the Middletown Township police at 215-750-3845.

    Further updates will be added here as they come in and anyone else with news or additional case details is encouraged to comment below as well. (Many readers and online sleuths follow these cases closely in hopes of assisting, so the more info-sharing the better.)


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  5. They found a body in the water In Erie PA a little bit ago. They retrieved it and are investigating. Im hoping its not Jake Samusanko.

  6. @ Anonymous March 18th:

    On it -- thanks for the timely tip. Who found the body, do you know?


  7. Replies
    1. My daughter goes to college with Jake's sister. My prayers are with Jake's family. Does anyone know what happened?