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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Smiley in Cali? Paulo Netto found drowned in San Francisco

With confirmation that 22-year-old Paulo Netto has been found drowned near Pier 48, the search is still on for the Frisco Five missing under ominously similar circumstances. 

Brazilian-born Netto came to the city in October 2013 in order to explore art schools there. He vanished one night after placing a frantic call for help to his sister.

THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN, by Eponymous RoxPolice say they tracked the youth's cellphone but "no one was there" when they arrived shortly thereafter. They then began suggesting that Netto's "state of mind" must have been impaired somehow, although never elaborating on the reasons for their theory.

Paulo Netto's missing persons case mirrors hundreds of "Smiley Face Killer" ones accumulated nationwide over the past 16 years -- including a handful from the specific area he was visiting.

The west coast, however, is a recent hot spot for these kind of disappearances and drownings, having never before made it on the map.

So far there are five other missing young men in the California cluster since 2010, all of whom vanished without a trace and from the exact same San Francisco district:  

1. The body of Derrick Shao, 20, washed ashore on November 7, 2013, eight days after the college student went missing;.
2. Nineteen-year-old Sean Sidi has been missing since May 21st of this year;
3. Shawn Dickerson, a 24-year-old, has been unaccounted for since 2011;
4. Businessman Cameron Remmer, 31, hasn't been heard from since checking out of his hotel room in October 2011;
5. Jackson Miller, 23-years-old, likewise mysteriously disappeared in May of 2010;

The badly decomposed body of Paulo Netto was actually found floating in McCovey Cove last month, but it allegedly took all these weeks for the coroner to positively identify those remains.

His cause of death has not been released yet.


  1. Lots of these Victims recently have called relatives or friends to say they were scared...
    Cullen Finnerty, Corey Goodwin, Paulo Netto, and many more. Scared and being followed by 1 or 2 men. I want to make this stop. When will the suffering end? Be Smart Men.

    twitter: DrowningVictims@SmileyFaceCult

    Lets work together to end this slaughter of America's young men. Enough is enough. This is a Cult working togther across USA collecting Throphies of you men. CA,MN,GA,KS,NY

  2. Mason Cox and David Wood,both 20,missing,Georgia


    Mason's father's fb page says he is a former investigator and he worked in fugitive recovery:


    He posted this on his fb:

    To the SCUM responsible for my sons disappearance. Come forward now and I will take it easy on you. If I have to find you, and I will find you, I will keep you alive much much longer than you will ever want to be. Big mistake.

  3. Crishtian Hughes is also missing in SF.

  4. And this guy recently went missing...