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Monday, January 5, 2015

Shane Montgomery Accidentally Drowned - In Winter

Shane Montgomery accidentally drowned in a river, claims the medical examiner who just performed an autopsy on the previously-missing youth's corpse. Now the question that will forever remain unanswered is: Why in the world would he have gone swimming in the middle of winter?

With that weird official finding, however, Montgomery now joins a growing list of similar young men who, since the late 1990s, fatefully and fatally decided to do the same foolish thing.

Some were "intoxicated" or "on drugs" or "troubled" authorities have routinely ruled. But some were not, and yet they too disappeared and drowned anyway, including those who "misdialed" 911 in the minutes before they vanished without a trace.

Like many of the victims before him, Shane Montgomery mysteriously went missing after an altercation in a bar he had attended with friends this holiday season. It was a minor incident, the bar's owner and management now admit, but, whatever, it got him promptly thrown out into the cold that night, and thereafter he was never seen alive again.

More than a week into the community-search for him, police insisted they'd discovered surveillance video of Montgomery subsequently "stumbling" near the towpath of a nearby canal; vital evidence which, for some unknown reason, wasn't released to the public.

But this apparently rare piece of secret film footage helped to *connect all the dots* it seems. And therefore it made perfect sense to them to then assume they'd find Montgomery's corpse in the river or canal. With no signs of foul play on it, naturally.

So, who knows, perhaps young men these days are just more sensitive than they were 20, 50, 100, 200 years ago, and thus now become truly despondent whenever they're forcibly separated from their buddies, and a river, lake, pond or stream is close by... 


  1. I have a hard time believing Shane drowned by himself. I believe he was a victim of foul play. Things just don't add up to me. One, he was seen on Main Street after he left the pub. Second, it was reported that he was not drunk. Third, why would he have gone towards the river when he lived minutes from there (I am sure he walked from home). I believe someone asked him to meet him back there and then pushed him in the river, which wouldn't have shown up on his body, especially if the person(s) were wearing gloves. I understand that his family wants closure, but I am not buying that it was accidental.

    1. I don't believe Shane's death was accidental either. It is hard for me to understand how he could have walked to the end of that parking lot, climbed down a steep hill covered with leaves and trees, and walk in the river until it got deep enough for him to drown. I live in Philly. I have not been in that parking lot before. I commute to work on I 76 west and I have a clear view of the back of the parking lot. The family should hire a private investigator. One more thought....did any ever think that it could be the volunteer diving companies that are involved in the searches? Like firemen starting fires to be heroes. Or the Local Marine units? They would know how drowing cases are handled. Do they recruit at local colleges? That would explain why most of the victims are athletic. Whoever is doing this is smarter than we think. Rest in peace Shane.

  2. Shane's body was found very close to "Smiley's Cafe" in Manayunk...quite a coincidence.

  3. I had a insight on Shane and his spirit came through the gate way from the spirit world and told me he was set up for the kill and he said flames of fire and the dam killer took him on a white small moving truck like a U Haul truck. Shane spirit said he left the bar and he turned left and went down a long winding road that came to a stop near a patch of grass and look like small stones near a side walk and yes you dam killers than got on the Main Line with Shane, in your dam white truck and my vision show me a dark damp base ment with a young man on his back on a table and I see Jefferson St. the saints and God angels will make sure you pay for your sins, because what is in the dark will come to the light.I have to be strong in my soul because it really hurt me when Shane spirit came to me near the middle of December and gasp for breath and ask me to help him and than his soul went back to heaven.I had to light my candle
    Saint Michael the Arch Angel and pray for God to please let his angels find Shane body and bring him home to his family because I do know that you have his soul. I can only say this is really evil what happen to Shane and other white men and some of their friends are fake and is getting away with killing their own race and they dam sure need to be charge and of course it is like a sport to them dam Devils from hell and their master have no power over God and his angels the 666 the beast will burn in hell soon enough only God and his angels know when.I had a vision a few months ago and God said to let it be told to everyone that he is sending his army of Angels down to earth but no one will know when

  4. I had a vision of Michael Montgomery a few months ago and his spirit stood at my door with army boots on and I thought to my self unrest soul what is this and his spirit just gave me a smile and rub my ankle and touch my hand real softly and wanted me, everyone and his family to go on with their life like he never left and be happy on his very special day of his birth and Shane spirit will be with his family and give his mom that touch on her feet to let her know mom I am good and I am in Heaven now watching over the family with Love and God Angels always.

  5. I sit and think about Paul R. Kochu and Shane M. Montgomery gone so young but are never forgotten and always LOVED & a letter sent to HEAVEN sealed with a kiss ���������������� We all MISS YOU & HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN GOD BEAUTIFUL GARDEN IN HEAVEN ��⛺��⛺�������� R.I.P.xoxoxoxoxo