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Friday, January 4, 2013

Milwaukee's Missing Men

BREAKING NEWS 1/11/13: Body recovered by divers from the partially frozen waters of Cedar Creek in the Milwaukee area is that of 24-year-old Robert Steinbrecker, officials are now saying. Steinbrecker ran away from his two friends sometime in the early morning hours of December 27th 2012 and has not been seen nor heard from since.

Police state they received a tip sometime this morning from a citizen who allegedly spotted the young man's green and gold cap as well as other identifying items in the creek near where they happened to be walking. (Read the original report below or go here for this case update and any others currently pending.)

In addition to 24-year-old Nick Wilcox vanishing from downtown Milwaukee after being ejected by bar bouncers on New Year's eve, people are also desperately searching for a young man in nearby Ozaukee County's town of Cedarburg.
Robert Steinbrecker, 24, disappeared on December 27th.
Undersheriff Jim Johnson says on that day Steinbrecker and friends left a local pub named Maxwell’s at approximately 2:00 AM and were headed north from there along Cedar Creek Road when Steinbrecker decided to run up ahead and vanished from view.
However, his friends were able to make cell phone contact with him about a half-hour later at around 2:40 AM and at that point they all agreed to meet up again on Sheboygan Road. But Steinbrecker never made it.
“He wasn’t exactly sure where he was," the undersheriff explains. "They were trying to meet on Sheboygan Road, but they never met up.”
That was the last anyone heard from Steinbrecker. Since then several agencies have been searching the Cedar Creek locale for him, but say they've found nothing. They are now asking residents in this region to check their property for any signs of the young man, if only a piece of clothing or footprints.
Some locals familar with this stretch of terrain suspect that Steinbrecker probably lost his bearings in the dark and overshot Sheboygan Road, ending up on Highway 60 instead.
What happened to him after he reached that spot though still remains a mystery.
Robert Steinbrecker is described as a white male, about six feet tall and 170 pounds, with red, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a dark-green, heavy parka, a Packers knit hat, black tennis shoes, an off-white button-up shirt with a black t-shirt underneath, and brown pants.
Anyone with information about Steinbrecker’s whereabouts is urged to call the Ozaukee County Sheriff's office at 262-284-7172. Callers are also asked to reference incident #12-35179.

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  1. I work right around where Nick went missing. As I was walking up the river to my office, I noticed a spray painted smiley-face that wasn't there before.

  2. They sure think they're clever, don't they?

    Did the smiley face have horns as well, and were there any initials and sayings near to it that looked new, too? Can you take a decent picture for me and either provide a link to the image file or send it via the contact link on the side panel of this weblog? I'd really appreciate it!

    Also, did you happen to notice if the ice in that particular place on the river was disturbed?


  3. please do i am a friend of wright and wells and this seems eerily similiar

  4. Eponymous Rox,

    Please consider becoming a member over at websleuths.com They have a section for missing people and most of these young men are on there. I always try to psot my theories on these cases but many just scoff at the idea. I believe a certain type of young man is being sought out and stalked via facebook,online gaming(x-box live),or dating websites like cupid.com . So many are so resistant to the idea of a serial killer(s) preying on these young men. The narrative never changes. It is maddening. I wonder if there are even higher up people involved...who knows really. I must sound crazy. You articulate your case very well so please consider becoming a member there at websleuths. It would bring many more people over here to your blog also. I link your blog and some of your posts there,but the mods always go back and delete whatever I post and they simply leave your blog address only. I guess your not "allowed to link postings from blogs". Sigh. Anyhow,as the above person stated,I believe the Wright and Wells case is connected. But apparently the popular opinion is that they decided to go to the lighthouse to see the rumored "ghost" or that they took a swim. Sorry,but that doesnt sound likely. Maybe they were meeting up with someone,idk,but it does seem related. Thanks for listening to my rant. Love your blog!

  5. Oh God, this evil never ends. :(

  6. Thanks for your reply on Websleuths. The admin that edited one of my posts that linked your site and had some material copy & pasted said that I am allowed to link to a blog but not post the actual material. I guess you can only post msm stuff. Either way,if you come over that way and join in on the discussions on the missing thread that would be fantastic. You have facts to back up certain things. Some people are so turned off by the very idea there could be a serial killer(s)....like it isnt even in the realm of possibilities. Please join. Help me make my case there. Let us being more awareness to this.