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Friday, April 12, 2013

Eric Yoon "Not" Missing

New Jersey police claim that 20-year-old Eric Yoon, a sophomore at Rutgers University who disappeared from the campus in December 2012, "wants to be missing."
Accordingly, they've long ago ceased looking for him, although the strange case is still technically considered to be ongoing.

"He voluntarily decided not to return home," stated Englewood Deputy Chief Lawrence Suffern in March of this year.

Suffern declined to further elaborate. 
If the deputy's assertion is correct, then Yoon's been doing a rather awesome Houdini because no one has seen the young man ever since he *volunteered* to vanish in thin air.
Which probably explains why the unaccounted for youth continues to remain listed on most national missing-person databases as well...
No comment from law enforcement. No comment from officials of Rutgers University.
However, a fellow Rutgers student by the name of Michael Wexler (whoever that is) did hasten to assure the press that Eric Yoon likely hadn't met up with any foul play and is still alive and well *someplace*.
His proof? Wexler forwarded comments he collected from an anonymous online discussion concerning his absent classmate, half of which were purely speculative in nature, the others posted solely as a result of mistaken identity.
Evidently the name Eric Yoon is not uncommon for males of Asian ancestry. And neither are intermeddlers.
So, chucking all the chatter and hearsay aside for a moment, is this particular Eric Yoon missing or isn't he?
Well, by now it definitely appears to be the case. And since a number of other young males have also similarly gone missing within this same timeframe, to be eventually found drowned several days, weeks or months later, it's probably best to keep an eye on the Yoon disappearance, too.
Eric Yoon is approximately five-foot-eight, 170 pounds, with dark hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information about his current whereabouts is urged to call the Englewood police at 201-568-2700. 


  1. Interesting comments here.


    Someone there is saying his RA(resident advisor?) told them he failed his finals. Someone else mentioned a video game called League of Legends that he was playing at 9:50 pm on Dec 18 right before he went missing. Those games are almost like social networking almost. I wonder if he chatted with the people he played online with. He was meeting up with someone on College Ave right after that game. I wonder who his RA was?

  2. HAHAHAHA! We got a private investigator when Eric (justice4eric.com) went missing,he said the same thing,"he wanted to go missing" Really? 3 week's later he washed up in the Willamette River in Portland Oregon,and oh yeah,manner of death...no foul play....hahahahaha...Is the entire united states L.E.and the power's "that be" in on this entire shoddy job of helping? Or are they just useless and lazy? Julie

  3. ROX,ROX,ROX...Go to the portland oregon news,a 27 year old guy sued the cops,for excessive force...after the guy was kicked out of a nightclub...it's in the oregonian,and I am sure the other new's sight's. I am pretty much computer illiterate,so I do not know how to contact you or blog,twitter,etc....Julie

  4. The man's name,that escaped ending up in the river,is Gallagher Smith...and get this...he was blocks way from the bar,"far far away" it states,when he was attacked by L.E. after after he was "spotted" arguing with the door men(bouncer's) at the bar. I have decided,there is no such thing as the smiley face killer's,I think it is the bouncer's and L.E....maybe they pose as smiley face,maybe they are so sick it is a country wide "agreement" or "game" of some sort...this is quite a story...I googled portland,oregon news and went to oregon live.....be interesting to talk to this guy,huh? The latest missing guy from a bar is Mathew MCconnel-Hegland...go visit finding mathew mcconell-hegland fb page. We are surprised he hasn't surfaced in the Willamette yet.Julie

    1. Outstanding, Julie. Thank you for the info. I was unaware of this lawsuit and am now following developments.

      On that note, I see the Portland perps are appealing the award. If I was the attorney for the plaintiff and the defendants wanted to over-litigate in order to harass in that way, then I'd bury them is discovery demands. Fling all their files wide open so the public can see just how many times these dirty cops have committed similar offenses.

      Only way to go about it, dragging them into the light and forcing them to hang their heads in shame, if they were even capable of such human emotions.

      This is what happened to your guy Eric, too, be sure of it. What a great betrayal that men who are hired to protect are killing instead, and engaging in conspiracies to cover up the wrongful deaths of their victims.

      Disgusting. Despicable.

  5. So disgusting,and why is this the case,in almost all of the drowning men cases? They got some secret handshake amongst all L.E. in every city,in every state? Do they attend a 1 week,bohemian grove type men's "get away" and have "lakeside talks" to discuss "no foul play".......And in this day and age,whistleblowing is almost impossible? julie

  6. I am Michael Wexler, who you mentioned in your article above, the article originally which comes from this news article: http://www.nj.com/middlesex/index.ssf/2013/03/police_say_missing_rutgers_stu.html. I emailed the author of the original article this reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/rutgers/comments/181xck/missing_rutgers_student_eric_yoon/

    This Reddit post had a few comments which suggested that there is a remote chance that Eric might be ok. However, the validity of the Reddit posts was never confirmed, and I emailed the journalist the Reddit posts, figuring he would do some due dilligence and talk to the Reddit posters before posting the article that Eric Yoon is ok. However, the NJ.com article makes the assumption that Eric Yoon is ok, based partially off these Reddit comments which were never confirmed.

    Above, the author of this article wrote the following text:

    "However, a fellow Rutgers student by the name of Michael Wexler (whoever that is) did hasten to assure the press that Eric Yoon likely hadn't met up with any foul play and is still alive and well *someplace*. His proof? Wexler forwarded comments he collected from an anonymous online discussion concerning his absent classmate, half of which were purely speculative in nature, the others posted solely as a result of mistaken identity."

    I did not say anything along the lines of what you mention above. I merely mentioned to the journalist to do further investigation into the Reddit posts to see if they could be confirmed or not. The journalist hastily took the Reddit comments at face value and published them without confirmation of their validity.

    I was trying to do my civic duty in informing the journalist of this Reddit post, so he could take further investigation. But the conclusions that were drawn were far overreaching. And articles like these are dangerous because if Eric Yoon is still missing, they lead people to false conclusions and give false hope.

    1. This is Michael Wexler again. I wanted to also mention that I also emailed the Englewood police department the aforementioned Reddit post, but did not get a response.

    2. Don't sweat it, Mike -- some reporters are lazy nitwits. As for me, I can't expunge salient facts because these could have a bearing on the disposition of the case.

      Do you have anymore info about Yoon's disappearance? Except for Killing Killers and a few missing persons databanks, he's not getting any press whatsoever.


    3. Please call me at 201-871-6419

  7. Matthew Mcconnell-Hegland was found last week in the Willamette river. Julie - you are on to something, but I am so freaked out about these missing & dead people, that I cannot imagine getting involved. I just wanted to let you all know that he was found deceased, and apparently jumped off of a bridge to end up there.

    1. Thanks for posting and for the update: I was aware of this missing persons case -- condolences to his loved ones -- but suspected suicide due to the family's report that the man was depressed when he disappeared.

      Killing Killers doesn't intentionally feature Missing/Drowned cases that are accidental in nature or obvious suicides. Only those that clearly indicate foul play at every stage are spotlighted here.

      But RIP to Matthew McConnell Hegland. Much too young to die in any manner, fer certain.


  8. Is there any way to get this news on tv? The only press I've seen are the two articles on nj.com, reddit, and this article.

  9. Probably not, unfortunately. Unless a missing person case reaches critical mass via the collective efforts of family and friends, such stories don't grab mainstream media's attention.

    Just share this post then; that can help somewhat. Help is what I wanted to offer this missing young man that no one appears to be missing.

    And thank you for your comment --