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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reddit Was Right: Boston Bombing Suspect WAS a Missing College Student

In hot pursuit of the Boston Bombers this week, the well-meaning folks at Reddit and Twitter managed to inadvertently (and truly) piss off the family of Sunil Tripathi. 
Tripathi is the 22-year-old runaway who Reddit members fingered as possibly being "Boston bombing suspect #2." Mainly because the man resembled various FBI wanted posters and, being suicidal, shy and withdrawn, possessed some traits consistent with the criminal profile of a potential mass murderer.
But the affluent Tripathi clan had taken great pains via social media to characterize their chronically depressed son as an endangered "missing college student." Presumably, resorting to this unusual approach so to enlist all branches of law enforcement and the press in hunting him down for them, as well as to obtain additional free assistance from concerned fellow citizens.
The Tripathis were, therefore, quite *baffled and offended* that millions of other social media users didn't regard their descriptions of "Sunny" as all that benign or harmless, especially in the wake of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack.
Even today the family of Sunil Tripathi remains deeply angry about the situation, insisting that all the rumors about him which went viral on Reddit and Twitter were unfair and unwarranted...regardless that Suspect #2 did in fact turn out to be a missing college student.



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