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Friday, July 26, 2013

Dr. Cyanide Mr. Death: Robert Ferrante arrested for murder

According to police, Dr. Robert Ferrante chronically suspected his much-younger wife of having affairs on him. So in April 2013 the celebrated neurologist ordered up some cyanide, concocted a deadly brew with it, and served it to her smiling.
Dr. Robert Ferrante arrested
It was 30 times the lethal amount and his spouse collapsed almost instantly, dying from acute cyanide poisoning a few days later in the very same hospital where she was head of obstetrics and gynecology.
Thus ended the brilliant career and life of Autumn Klein, a 41-year-old physician and mother of one ... and thus began the investigation into her highly suspicious premature death.
A no brainer
Across the globe tens of thousands of homicides are committed annually, and in the vast majority of these cases the victims are acquainted with or related to their killers.
In fact, sometimes they're even married to them.
Those unwavering crime statistics take the guesswork out of most murders, especially obvious ones like Dr. Autumn Klein's, a woman with everything to live for who was definitely not suicidal.
Klein was also much too healthy to have succumbed to a sudden massive "stroke" or cardiac arrest, as her husband claimed when emergency personnel arrived at their home in Pennsylvania this past spring and found her comatose but still clinging to life.
Over three months later detectives have made it clear: They've never bought into the acclaimed neurosurgeon's on-the-spot diagnosis.
They arrested Dr. Ferrante yesterday for the poisoning death of his bride.
When neuroscientists get neurotic
Like paranoid professor of neuroscience Dr. Amy Bishop gunning down three university colleagues and wounding three more in a campus massacre she'd plotted for months after being denied tenure, a twisted scientist can prove to be quite deadly.
As to the source of Dr. Robert Ferrante's own madness, no evidence of his deceased wife's *affairs* has yet materialized. But a man whom he jealousy believed was her latest paramour has confirmed she intended to discuss with her assassin something he would "not like."
Apparently as early as February 2013, Autumn Klein, weary of her husband's "controlling nature" and his routine accusations concerning her "infidelities," confided in that same male friend that she planned on terminating her unhappy marriage.
That's a fairly standard motive for spousal abuse and homicide, whether done with bare hands,  conventional weapons, or a vial of cyanide.


  1. you should check your facts and/or edit your papers 1. This event did not take place in 2012 2. He is not a Neurosurgeon, but rather a PhD who studies Neurological Disease

    1. First and foremost he is a sicko behind bars were he belongs. What are you his mother?

  2. He is a wrongfully convicted man. If you examine the facts closely, his wife did not die of cyanide poisoning. The medical examiner jumped to conclusions, but was totally wrong on this one. You can tell because the symptoms and the timeline do not match cyanide. Also, the test used to detect cyanide is prone to false positives. That is why the story and the motives make no sense - because he never killed her.