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Thursday, July 25, 2013

JESSICA HEERINGA AND AMY DEPOY: Lookalike Blondes Missing from Norton Shores

Michigan police say Jessica Heeringa 'was abducted', but as to Amy Depoy, who disappeared practically three months to the day, they have no idea yet.
MISSING: Amy Depoy and Jessica Heeringa
Depoy's disappearance a few days ago is similar to Heeringa's in that both abruptly vanished without a trace, leaving behind their cell phones, purses, and other valuables.
Depoy is 38-years-old and just like Heeringa, 25, is an attractive, slender blonde who sometimes wears glasses.
They both have children as well and reside with live-in boyfriends.
Suburban Norton Shores Michigan isn't exactly a high crime area, but the bold abduction of Jessica Heeringa on the night of April 26, 2013 from her place of employment, and the fruitless search for her and the kidnapper/s, has frayed nerves in this area.
Now the possibility of a second woman, almost identical in appearance, disappearing under equally suspicious circumstances leads many residents to fear a serial predator may be living among them.
Certainly, if that is true, abducting another victim doesn't bode well for the first...
Amy Depoy is 5' 8" tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was allegedly last seen by her son and reported missing by her mate.
Anyone who has information about Depoy's whereabouts, or that of Heeringa, is asked to call 911 or the Silent Observer at 231-72-CRIME. Tips may also be phoned in to the Muskegon Police Department at 231-724-6750.


  1. P.I. Bill Warner has a "petite blonde serial killer" theory on his web site, and the Heeringa case is included. I've thought that he should add several more as I find them, and now I'm thinking that he should add the Depoy case, too.

    For people who live in the area, I have a suggestion. This is how you can help, even if you think you didn't see anything that night. Go back through your old e-mails, your receipts from the night of the abduction(s). It was recent enough that you might still have them. Use them to help you remember what was happening on that particular night, where you were, who you were with, where you went. Now that you know which night it was, WRITE DOWN everything you can remember about that particular night. Anything and everything, even if you think that what you saw, heard, or felt wasn't significant. That's because later you might realize that someone you saw or heard matches information that they release later.

    Also, did you notice any out of state vehicles in the area around that time? New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Indiana for example? Any group of men in a car or minivan, any of them acting strangely? Read up on the suspect and look at the sketch. See anyone who looked like him. Do you know someone who looks like that? You might think your sighting isn't good enough, and if it isn't enough to give to the police then write it down for yourself. Later you might hear about other things that match and realize that your sighting is worth reporting. I'm sure several people out there saw things that they don' think are special now, but with more information they'll realize could help.

    I hope they catch him/them soon, for the sake of their families and future victims.

    1. I am familiar with PI Warner's 'petite blonde theory' and find it definitely noteworthy, save for the fact that not all the missing females are blonde-haired and petite.

      PLUS: He includes Lauren Spierer on the list of abducted/missing women -- sickly Spierer, albeit matching that description, clearly succumbed to her congenital heart condition through prolonged and excessive partying, and her body was thereafter disposed of by her ignorant, panicked party-mates.

      (No names mentioned.)

      That's good advice about the e-mails, by the way -- thank you for visiting and taking the time to post today.


  2. The name warner sounds familiar. We had a disappearance in Tennesee and their were other women missing with a similar look. I think that is when I came across him

  3. holly bobo...the guy who killed april tinsley in indiana is the same guy warner seeks

  4. So you agree about warners blond theory.you know somebody sent so info on holly bobo and spierer girl and the reply from them detectives was.this person being from a different state was What business do you have in indiana.About a month or so before that they had been sending info with no intrest from cops detectives so they sent it to the fathrr and mother the next morning 6am the detectives were calling why then

  5. Is this the same Amy Depoy who was found by police as "safe" later? And if so, is that the same Amy Depoy who died a few months later? Was it some medical condition that caused her to wander away?