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Thursday, December 20, 2012

ADAM LANZA FACT SHEET: Falsehoods & Fatal Assumptions

The degree of intentional misrepresentation of the facts in the Sandy Hook Massacre by mainstream media outlets is simply mindboggling.
For instance, a hypothesis put forth by a young marine in which he thought he was paraphrasing his father, a pastor in Newtown Connecticut, was quickly debunked by that pastor himself, who denied his son's theory that Nancy Lanza was trying to commit Adam Lanza soon and, thus, this was the psycho's motive for dressing up as a character from Call of Duty and going on the rampage.
The pastor's prompt protest to FOX's so called "exclusive" scoop of his son's hearsay as "fact" was ignored of course, and, by today, this version is being offered across the globe as the sole "logical" explanation behind a baby killer's slaughter of unarmed women and children.
That a person so mentally deranged is clearly incapable of logical thinking doesn't seem to deter the mainstream press from asserting that looney Lanza was suddenly lucid in his final hours--even though his crime itself is obviously senseless and speaks volumes about the coward's disordered thinking.
In this same vein, the media's relentless characterization of a renowned scholastic failure as a "boy genius" is not only utterly laughable and an insult to intelligence, but dangerous encouragement to those copycat losers who hope to see themselves also falsely glorified.
Keep in mind, this lazy numbskull didn't even graduate from high school, and years later his alleged and brief stint with undergrad studies produced only a 3.26 grade-point average. A score mostly lifted by the computer-obsessed killer's A+ in one of his computer classes.
Sorry, a box of rocks exhibits far more wherewithal, integrity, and substance than this moronic monster ever did. Between the two, I vote for the box of rocks as the genius then. 
Smashing a computer is not too brilliant either
On this tactic it must be noted that investigators have yet to announce that it was indeed dumbhead Lanza who destroyed his computer in order to cover his online criminality. 
In the meantime, consider that it's not impossible his mother, upon returning from a three-day visit with her family in New Hampshire, had simply lost it when she discovered that during this entire period her game-addicted idiot of a son hadn't eaten or slept whilst playing Call of Duty, or some such single-shooting nutter program of his.
Many a misguided parent driven to their limits has destroyed computers and gaming consoles (whichever) in one final act of desperation, only to end up with their skull smashed in. Or, if their son was a hopelessly weak little weasel, blown to smithereens as they lay in bed sleeping.
Why? Because scientists have discovered that these violent videogames are as addicting as drugs or alcohol, so simply taking them away from someone so completely zonked out on them, as Lanza was, is only inviting more trouble.
As to the destruction of his computer's hard drive serving to completely foil a full exploration of Lanza's digital footprint: That's na├»ve thinking at best. Besides, from the little that is known already, skilled investigators can easily piece the rest together.
The so called Sandy Hook connection
(Yawn.) Teachers and parents in this district have emphatically and consistently denied any official relationship between Nancy Lanza and the Newtown school system. Period.
Are all these people lying?
Or is it more likely that twisted Adam Lanza gamed himself over the brink of psychosis, of which he'd been teetering for years, and was simply looking to kill people he knew for a fact would be totally defenseless?
After all, as soon as real "players" showed up at the Sandy Hook school, the spineless nitwit cowered out by committing suicide rather than fight them.
As all of his kind does when actually confronted by armed resistance.
Summary (again)
1. No motive here but insanity, any which way you look at it;
2. Uneducated, dingbat, gaming slouch on the warpath is not a "genius" by any means;
3. Only weak-minded sissies dress in killer costumes and target babies and females instead of real soldiers in uniform.
4. Killing unarmed civilians and little kids, and using your mommy's gun to do it with, fails the manhood test.
5. Ditto for sitting around all day playing silly-assed games on the computer.
Nuf said.


  1. Here’s a motive for Adam Lanza’s massacre – Adam was raped by a local, convicted Catholic priest, Fr John Castaldo, when Adam was 6 years old, and was taking revenge against other 6 year olds. Here's the verified evidence:


    It can’t be proven yet, but it is the best explanation yet for why Adam would want to take revenge against other 6 year olds, since no one protected him when he was 6 years old.

    1. Stephen King just published a book "Guns In American..."
      The guys a genius and the download is well worth the read.