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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Voices for the Dead: Interview #1

“His legal name is Walton Matthew Ward. Growing up he was called Walton, after he moved to California he started using Matt or Matthew. I had always told him he had two great names and I thought at some time he might want to use Matt or Matthew, and that was alright with us.”
On October 13, 2012, althletic Walton Matthew Ward, 23, mysteriously vanished from the city of Indianapolis after an interrupted 911 call from the parking lot of a downtown steak-and-ale. On October 23, 2012, he reappeared again in the nearby White River, drowned.
Police are suggesting his death was an accident, but his family disagrees. They believe Matt Ward was murdered. Eponymous Rox for Killing Killers interviewed them, and officially registered their voices for the dead.

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