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Monday, April 27, 2015

What really happened to Lauren Spierer?

For Lauren Spierer, June 3rd 2015, will mark four years and thousands of dead-end tips since she disappeared without a trace from Bloomington Indiana, after a calamitous night of booze and drugs and carousing:

Some people theorize that this now-famous missing person was murdered, and her body dumped someplace.

Others believe the petite young blonde was abducted while staggering home to her nearby apartment.

They're the ones holding out hope that she may still be alive today, albeit living a desperate existence as somebody's hostage and sex slave.

After all, things like that have been known to happen from time to time, as Ariel Castro and his Cleveland kidnappings of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus prove.

But I don't think such a fate befell young Lauren Spierer.  She wasn't as lucky...


missing IU student Lauren Spierer
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The parents of missing person Lauren Spierer filed a lawsuit this week against the trio of young men who were last seen with their daughter on the day that she vanished: 

Robert and Charlene Spierer claim that the negligence of Corey Rossman, Mike Beth and Jay Rosenbaum -- who all lawyered up within hours of Spierer being reported as missing -- is what ultimately "resulted in her disappearance, death, or injury."

Attorneys representing the Spierers say a statute of limitations barring such a civil action was bound to kick in soon and, since the young woman still remains unaccounted for, they felt legally compelled to file suit for the wrongful acts of these former students.

All three defendants named in the suit had either admitted to being with a grossly inebriated Spierer the day she vanished without a trace, or were witnessed by others as being in her company in the hours before she went missing.

Many fellow revelers that evening had observed Spierer -- bruised from repeatedly falling down and practically incoherent -- being escorted and even carried at times by her three male comrades. 

However, all the men insist that Spierer somehow made a full recovery later on, then left their apartment for her own, barefoot, at around four in the morning. After which, they say they don't know what may have happened to her.

One of the youths in fact has alleged amnesia: He was punched in the face earlier that fateful night by an interceder who apparently hoped to convince him, through physical force, to take the visibly incapacitated woman safely back to her home so she could sleep it off.

He declined to do so, unfortunately, and Lauren Spierer continued to party with Rossman, Beth, and Rosenbaum for several more hours.

The Spierers insist none of those key players have ever been 100 percent forthright about the predawn events which led up to their daughter's disappearance, and they now firmly believe she never left the youths' apartment at all.
(0riginal story above published on the 2-year anniversary of Spierer's disappearance)
6/28/13 9:17 AM


  1. There are errors in what Eponymous has stated here. First, Lauren was walked by just one of the three men from the bar to her own apartment complex - then he was punched out by someone. Lauren, for what ever reason, decided to accompany this guy back to his own apartment - she went willingly. The way it is written here makes it seem like she was with three guys who coerced her back to their lair - not so- she went from the bar, to her apartment complex, to the guys apartment complex with just one of the guys in tow. There's not a lot mentioned here about her heart condition, the fact that she was doing drugs (knowing she had a heart condition), was so wasted she left her shoes and phone at the bar and her keys were found in the street. In sort, she was a mess. I'm not blaming the victim, but the family rarely comment on their daughters lack of sense and prefer to push the blame on guys who have had their apartments fully searched which presumably turned up nothing at all. The local police focused too quickly on the guys, ignoring the fact that within a mile of where she was last seen there is a busy sex shop in full operation. And how many college kids have the tools in their apartment to efficiently dispose of a body?

    1. A sex shop? Please - you sound like you must be a friend of the boys. She was "last seen" - supposedly - at Jay Rosenbaum's - or so he claims, if you can actually believe anything he says. He just let a girl with bruises on her face who was so intoxicated that she fell several times just walk home at 4AM? And she wanted to? Yeah, right! Like we all haven't been young and dumb at 1 point. There's a reason you came on here trying to accuse the victim and it's sad and sick! Hasn't this poor girl suffered enough?!

  2. I don't buy anyone as drunk as she was awake hours later she would have passed out